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Why should I develop customer personas?

Learn to collect information and build personas for your customer base as part of an effective marketing and sales strategy.

A customer persona (or buyer persona) is a semi-fictional representation of your existing and ideal customers based on market research, previous sales or existing customer relationships.

Personas allow you and your team to more easily and effectively make marketing decisions and build sales strategies that will resonate with your customer types, which will increase revenues and maintain your customer base.

Customer personas include high-level information that can be easily digested at-a-glance.

Check out the free Hubspot Make My Persona tool to:

  1. Learn more about customer personas and the types of details that are important to include and why under the ‘What is a Buyer Persona’ section
  2. Begin building your own personas by clicking “Build my Persona”
    Don’t skip the walkthrough mode, it will provide background on why each piece of the customer persona is important!

Heads up! We think the Make My Persona tool is best if your customers are other businesses (B2B). If your customers are consumers (B2C), or you’re looking for additional resources, check out additional free Hubspot Customer Persona Templates available for download, linked here.

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