How can artists generate business prospects?

This resource explores 9 techniques for creatives to generate business prospects for themselves.

How will a Go-to-Market strategy help my business succeed?

Product-market fit is crucial for any venture; your business cannot succeed until you achieve it.

How can I market my ecommerce business?

In this module, you will learn digital marketing tactics that will work specifically for product-driven ecommerce businesses and the experience consumers expect today.

How can I get started with digital marketing for my business?

Digital marketing is essential for many types of businesses. Learn how to apply it to your business.

Global Entrepreneurship – Bootcamp

This is a foundational self-paced and at no cost to learner course from the 100 Million Learners Global Initiative, a part of the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

How can we put humanity at the center of innovation?

Humanity 101® embraces innovation, human possibility, and local and global community-building.

Glasses and a pen sitting on a table on top of a piece of paper

How do I get a trademark?

Having a strong trademark can help set your products or services apart from the market. Learn about trademarks and the different kinds available.

Woman and man sitting across from each other at a desk. The woman has her hand over her mouth thoughtfully, and is looking at the man. The man is holding a pen and looking down at his paper

What tax policies and laws apply to my business?

There are many regulations to keep track of. This module describes different types of taxes to keep in mind as a business owner.

Cropped image of male lawyer writing on legal documents at desk in courtroom

What should I know about leasing property?

In the market for commercial real estate? This module covers the basic legal considerations of leasing property for your business.

A women is standing in a hallway, holding a laptop, smiling

What is tech transfer, and does it apply to my IP?

This module explores intellectual property considerations, the typical technology transfer process, and the benefits for the inventor and the university.