2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Brands That Elevate Entrepreneurs

Our annual holiday gift guide is back! This year, we present a curated selection of twenty-two remarkable small businesses that are part of our vibrant community programs and Venture Devils.

‘Tis the season of giving! Find unique gifts that also support ASU-affiliated entrepreneurs. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, a colleague, or even a little something for yourself, you’ll find a diverse array of options right here. Explore the offerings from the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute’s dynamic community and make this holiday season truly special!

Shop Accessories

Akwaaba Jewelry & Fashion
Product: African-Inspired Handmade Jewelry

Founder(s): ASU Alum, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Locations

Websites: akwaabahandmade.square.site + instagram.com/akwaabahandmade  

Akwaaba Jewelry & Fashion offers genuine handmade African-inspired jewelry with a focus on authenticity, craftsmanship, cultural representation, sustainability and community impact. Their products range from bracelets and necklaces to keychains and clothing.

Conscious Gear

Product: Hydration Vest for Bigger Bodies

Founder(s): ASU Student, ASU Staff, Venture Devils, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: conscious-gear.com + instagram.com/consciousgear1

Conscious Gear is a body-inclusive outerwear and outdoor gear brand impactfully making active living accessible for bigger bodies. Their standout product is their hydration vest! They also have tees and more for purchase.


Product: Phone-Charging Crossbody Bag

Founders: ASU Alumni, Venture Devils

Availability: Online 

Websites: pokit.co + instagram.com/pokit.co

POKIT is a crossbody bag that wirelessly charges your smartphone while on the go. This innovation empowers people to enjoy the day’s journey without the limitations of their device’s charge.


Product: Hand-made Self-care Accessories

Founder(s): ASU Alumni, Venture Devils, Woman-Owned

Availability: Online 

Websites: uplighten.com + instagram.com/uplightenlife  

Looking for a TOTALLY unique gift that is as fun to give as it is to get? Check out Uplighten’s stand-out product, UpCode. It’s a customizable, modern, and meaningful layered necklace-bracelet wrap that is encoded with a SECRET binary code message! You pick your colors and the message, Uplighten takes care of the rest! Products also include fidgets, bookmarks, and more.

Willow Jewelry

Product: Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Founder(s): ASU Student, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, LGBTQIA-Owned 

Availability: Online + Physical Locations

Websites: autumnwillowjewelry.etsy.com + instagram.com/willowjewelry_  

Willow Jewelry provides handmade crystal jewelry benefitting women in recovery and bringing the wearer good vibes. Crystals are locally sourced from Tucson, Arizona, and all jewelry is allergy friendly, tarnish resistant, and water resistant. The best selling products include rings, car suncatchers, angel number necklaces, butterfly hair clips, and crystal necklaces.

Shop Apparel

Canned Goods

Product: Canned Tees

Founder: ASU Student, Venture Devil

Availability: Online

Websites: cannedgoodsclothing.com + tiktok.com/@cannedgoodsclothing

The goal of Canned Goods is to sell quality T-shirts while reducing plastic waste in the packaging process and worldwide. With each purchase, Canned Goods has partnered with Dollar DonationClub to donate a portion of profits that will remove 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic per canned tee!

Co. Clothing Company

Product: Hoodies + Tees

Founder(s): ASU Alum, ASU Staff, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, Latina-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: coclothingcompany.com + instagram.com/co.clothingcompany

Co. Clothing Company is changing the way people make, see, and do fashion. Fashion is one of our Earth’s biggest polluters. This industry is in need of a change where Co. Clothing Company makes fashion more sustainable and ethical.

Crisp U.S. Thrift

Product: Gender-Neutral Vintage Clothing

Founder(s): ASU Alum, Venture Devils, Women-Owned, Black-Owned, LGBTQIA-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: crispthrift.us + instagram.com/crispusthrift

Crisp U.S. Thrift is a Black & Queer owned gender-neutral shop offering vintage-forward looks. Shop the dignified collection including tops, bottoms and more online.


Product: Gen Z T-Shirts + Hoodies

Founder(s): ASU Student, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: desideriumllc.com + instagram.com/desideriumllc  

Desiderium is a purpose-driven brand that empowers Gen Z to chase their dreams by offering high-quality, statement-making clothing. Desiderium fosters a passionate community of young, ambitious individuals who refuse to conform to the status quo.


Product: African-Wear

Founder(s): ASU Staff, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Online

Website: melmikays.com 

Melmikay’s offers a unique fusion of contemporary aesthetics with traditional African prints in their apparel, catering to every member of your family. Rooted in the concept of family, they collaborate with family-run businesses to create a diverse and vibrant collection.


Product: Women’s Activewear

Founder(s): ASU Alum, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: ndurathletics.com + instagram.com/ndur_athletics

ndur is an innovative women’s active brand redefining how women experience fitness and wellness. This brand is designed for the modern, active woman who demands style and functionality in her workout attire. With a commitment to quality, comfort, and empowering women to embrace their full potential, ndur is here to elevate women’s active lifestyles everywhere.

Shop Beauty + Wellness

The Molecules Company

Product: Supplements + Teas

Founder(s): ASU Student, ASU Alum, Venture Devils, Women-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Online

Websites: themolecules.com + instagram.com/themoleculesco

The Molecules Company, with their motto ‘self-care simplified,’™ is a beacon of holistic wellness. They offer three remarkable products: Matcha Molecules, a blend of premium matcha and multi-peptide collagen for radiant skin; Collagen Molecules, enhancing youthfulness and joint health; and Spice of Life tea, a fragrant infusion of herbs and spices for overall vitality. With a commitment to making well-being accessible, they’ve redefined self-care for all.

Refuel Body + Mind

Product: Wellness Circuits

Founder(s): ASU Staff, Venture Devils, Latino-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Websites: refuelbodyandmind.com + instagram.com/refuelbodyandmind

Refuel Body + Mind is Arizona’s first Latino and immigrant-owned wellness center dedicated to accelerating athletic recovery and fortifying mental clarity in the heart of Central Phoenix. With research-backed modalities, their signature circuit helps the Phoenix community maximize their well-being. Purchase a package, membership, single visit or gift card for yourself or loved ones for the holidays! This works as a great shared experience gift for families and friends.

Shop Community Collections

85 Local

Product: Gifts from Arizona-Based Small, Local Businesses

Founder(s): Peoria Forward, Woman-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Websites: 85localaz.com + instagram.com/85localaz

85 Local in north Peoria is the home of 25+ local, small businesses. This is a gift destination whether it’s for you or buying for others. You’ll find everything from cookies, pastries, freeze-dried candy and local honey to home decor, bath products, baby/kids, women’s clothing and men’s clothing. 85 Local also loves to host classes and pop-up events!

Amor Collective

Product: Gifts from Arizona-Based Small, Local Businesses

Founder(s): Peoria Forward, Woman-Owned, Latina-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Websites: amorcollectiveaz.com + instagram.com/amorcollectiveaz

Amor Collective is dedicated to providing a unique incubator space exclusively designed for Latina-owned businesses. Through personalized mentoring, coaching, and a nurturing environment, Amor Collective aims to recognize and support the exceptional talents and innovative ideas of women entrepreneurs. To shop, come by the physical location or select “The Collective” on the website to explore each individual business’s products

Student-Made ASU

Product: Artwork, stickers, handmade items

Founder(s): ASU students

Availability: Online

Websites: studentmadeasu.com + instagram.com/studentmade_asu

Student-Made partners with universities to provide an entirely student-run platform for entrepreneurial students to reach supporters on their campus. Student-Made ASU had its soft launch on November 13, just in time for the holiday season, and will be live until classes end on December 1. Check back in the spring semester for an even wider selection of products from more creators!

Shop Food + Beverage

Cafe Emporos

Product: Café-Grams

Founder(s): Venture Devil, Peoria Forward, Latino-Owned

Availability: Online 

Websites: cafeemporos.com + instagram.com/cafeemporos

Cafe Emporos is an innovative solution to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more! With their customizable cafe inspired greeting cards, you can send someone a warm hello with a drink inside. This is perfect for stocking stuffers, client gifts, wedding favors, and more.

Smarty Oats

Product: Protein Overnight Oats

Founder(s): ASU Student, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Locations

Websites: smartyoats.store + instagram.com/smartyoats

Smarty Oats are pre-packaged protein overnight oats with a superfood blend included in the recipe. They offer 7 different flavors that are all gluten-free, and they have many vegan options as well. Each serving contains 18g of protein and can be made in as little as 30 seconds!

Toda Healthy Beverages

Product: Baobab Juice

Founder(s): ASU Student, Venture Devil, Woman-Owned, Black-Owned

Availability: Physical Location

Websites: ngohrodney.wixsite.com/todabaobabjuice + instagram.com/todahealth

Toda Healthy Beverages specializes in producing baobab juice, a superfruit known for its rich nutrient content, including potassium, calcium, fiber, and five times the vitamin C of an orange. This unique juice is designed to cater to health-conscious individuals, offering a natural, energy-boosting beverage with the potential to enhance athletic performance and help lower blood sugar levels. The baobab fruit’s natural medicinal components make this juice a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Shop Home + Decor


Product: Paint, DIY Products + Classes

Founder(s): Peoria Forward, Woman-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Websites: audreyshopaz.com + instagram.com/audreyshopaz

After 12.5 years as a storefront, Audrey’s is now your go-to for classes, custom painting, and DIY products. They even offer private classes. This is perfect for those who love to upcycle, recycle, and make things new again. Audrey’s specialty is redoing kitchen cabinets and furniture. Their paint and DIY products are available for purchase in Phoenix in their booth at Everything Goes.


Product: Bathtub Funnel for Hair Clog Prevention

Founder(s): ASU Alum, Venture Devil, Chandler Endeavor, Indigenous-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Websites: drainfunnel.com + tiktok.com/@drainfunnel

With DrainFunnel, prevent bathtub hair clogs without catching your hair. DrainFunnel’s patented “zero-maintenance” method for clog prevention eliminates the possibility for hair to clog a bathtub drain assembly. Instead of catching hair, the funnel diverts hair past the drain crossbars so that hair won’t ball up and cause a clog.


Product: Art

Founder(s): E+I Speaker, Black-Owned

Availability: Online 

Website: fatsartgallery.com + instagram.com/fats.art_ 

FATS Art is your gateway to the vibrant world of street art with a unique collection of prints, hats, and the opportunity for commissioned murals. Discover their eclectic range of artistic expressions, perfect for adding a touch of urban creativity to your holiday gifting or personal art collection.

Luna Rose Shoppe

Product: Floral + Plant Arrangements

Founder(s): Peoria Forward, Woman-Owned, Latina-Owned

Availability: Online + Physical Location

Website: instagram.com/lunarose_shoppe 

Luna Rose Shoppe creates innovative and unique floral and plant arrangements. She also offers custom bouquets and stickers. Right now, Luna Rose Shoppe is available for custom orders and is frequently popping up at local markets across the Valley!

Arizona State University does not endorse any products or services, but ASU hopes to make it easier for everyone to invest their holiday spending back into our community. Purchasing from a small, local business is one of the best ways to build stronger local communities. We are proud of those that make up our amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

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