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Our Team

Entrepreneurship + Innovation serves as the connecting and collaborating resource across ASU and the greater Phoenix community, as well as a national and international resource.

Entrepreneurial thinking is more than a skill. It's a mindset—one that manifests itself across all majors and programs at ASU.


Headshot of Michelle Barker

Michelle Barker

Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Robin Baskin McNulty

Robin Baskin McNulty

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Elizabeth Cantú

Elizabeth Cantú

Program Manager, Underserved Communities Programs

Headshot of Ji Mi  Choi

Ji Mi Choi

Associate Vice President

Headshot of Katherine Clemens

Katherine Clemens

Assistant Director, Youth Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Lauren Dunning

Lauren Dunning

Program Manager

Headshot of Susan Halverson

Susan Halverson

Assistant Director, Community Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

Program Manager

Headshot of Wiley Larsen

Wiley Larsen

Venture Manager

Headshot of Tracy Lea

Tracy Lea

Assistant Director, Venture Development

Headshot of Brittany McCall

Brittany McCall

Program Manager

Headshot of Christina Ngo

Christina Ngo

Program Coordinator Sr., Youth Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Brendan O

Brendan O'Rourke

Specialist Senior, Youth Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Annalisa Regalado

Annalisa Regalado

Events Coordinator

Headshot of Kimberly Roland

Kimberly Roland

Manager of Partner Relations

Headshot of Michele Rudy

Michele Rudy

Program Coordinator, Community Entrepreneurship

Headshot of Brent Sebold

Brent Sebold

Executive Director of Venture Development

Headshot of Monica Trejo

Monica Trejo

Program Coordinator Sr., Youth Entrepreneurship

Affiliated Staff + Faculty

Eli Chmouni

Lecturer WPC Management

Aram Chomina-Chavez

Lecturer Polytechnic Sch TEM Programs

Jenna Covey

Spec Sr, Career Services

Linda Essig

Professor Department of School of Film, Dance & Theatre

Richard Filley

Admin Professional Polytechnic Sch TEM Programs

Nyomi Gruber

Program Coordinator for Herberger Institute Design and Arts

Rick Hall

Program Director and Clinical Professor

Mark Henderson

Professor for Polytechnic Sch EGR Programs

Retha Hill

Professor of Practice for Journalism and Mass Communication at Cronkite

Carolyn Hirata

Lecturer Polytechnic Sch TEM Programs

Kammie Kobyleski

Director for WPC Center for Entrepreneurship

Charlie Lewis

VP of Venture Development for ASU Foundation

Michelle Lyons-Mayer

Assistant Director for Memorial Union

Brittany Martin

Coordinator for Engineering Center Undergrad

Tara Montoya

Program Manager for WPC Center for Entrepreneurship

Eric Newton

Professor of Practice for Journalism and Mass Communication Cronkite

Sidnee Peck

Faculty Associate for WPC Management

Susan Sajadi

Management Intern for Memorial Union

Scott Shrake

Lecturer for Engineering / Director of EPICS


Mitchell Bolnick

Venture Mentor

M. Preston Clarke

Venture Mentor

Jonathan Cottrell

Venture Mentor

Olenka Cullinan

Venture Mentor

Michael Ellenby

Venture Mentor

Carol Farabee

Venture Mentor

Tom Gammon

Venture Mentor

Robert Green

Venture Mentor

Daniel Jones

Venture Mentor

Jeff Kunowski

Venture Mentor

Bret Larsen

Venture Mentor

Patrick LaVoie

Venture Mentor

Ric Leutwyler

Venture Mentor

Marcy Maslov

Venture Mentor

Joan Morgen

Venture Mentor

Brian Palmer

Venture Mentor

Aaron Pantoja

Venture Mentor

Nick Petra

Venture Mentor

Ben Reichert

Venture Mentor

Anthony Sarandrea

Venture Mentor

Ross Shanken

Venture Mentor

Stephanie Sims

Venture Mentor

Luke Smith

Venture Mentor

Wayne Smith

Venture Mentor

Lance Thompson

Venture Mentor

David Wachtel

Venture Mentor

Oye Waddell

Venture Mentor

Ron Wince

Venture Mentor

Theodore Young

Venture Mentor

Tom Zender

Venture Mentor

Suzanne Zentner

Venture Mentor

Martin Zwilling

Venture Mentor