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The team at the Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute is here to help you continue on your entrepreneurial journey, or to just start.

Our role is to serve as a connecting and collaborating resource across ASU and the Greater Phoenix community and to help inspire entrepreneurship around the globe. 

Edson E+I Institute staff

Affiliated staff and faculty

In addition to our in-house team of professionals, Edson E+I includes a roster of ASU faculty and staff from across ASU with cross-appointments in fields including engineering, business, sustainability and more. Their role is to help embed the entrepreneurial mindset into every discipline and to help students, faculty and staff think about how they can use academic knowledge to fuel their ideas and enterprises. 

Working learners

Venture mentors

The Edson E+I mentor network supports student, faculty and community entrepreneurs. For seasoned entrepreneurs with experience moving a venture forward, their role is to provide guidance and encouragement to founders who are matched based on common background or area of expertise.

I focus on creating a sustainable business model for the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Jen Coyne CEO, The PEAK Fleet, and Venture Mentor