How can artists generate business prospects?

This resource explores 9 techniques for creatives to generate business prospects for themselves.

Global Entrepreneurship – Bootcamp

This is a foundational self-paced and at no cost to learner course from the 100 Million Learners Global Initiative, a part of the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

How can we put humanity at the center of innovation?

Humanity 101® embraces innovation, human possibility, and local and global community-building.

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Legally speaking — a dictionary of terms

A supplement to the rest of our “legally speaking” resources, this dictionary of terms will help you make sense of the legal jargon.

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Is mentorship right for me?

Mentorship is reflective and personalized, focusing on your entrepreneurial goals specifically or connecting about overall life experiences.

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How can I become a better leader?

In this free, four-week course from Acumen Academy, you’ll use adaptive leadership techniques to solve leadership challenges.

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Entrepreneurial Approach

Explore seven ways of incorporating an entrepreneurial approach into any problem you’re facing.

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Is coaching right for me?

Coaches offer feedback and guidance on a specific goal you hope to achieve. Review best practices for building a successful coaching relationship.

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What’s the problem?

Creating value and making an impact comes from solving a problem. But first, you’ll need to find and define the problem.

How do I make impactful change?

Ashoka’s three-part series, Changemaking, empowers you to take on systems change without feeling overwhelmed.