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The toughest part of entrepreneurship is often the translation from idea into reality. We all have things we want to fix in the world, and parts of our life we’d like to optimize. Pinpointing the exact nature of the problem and creating the right solution — through countless rounds of trial and error — can frustrate even the most experienced entrepreneur. Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute strives to make this an enjoyable process with community and support with you every step of the way. 

Frequently asked questions

There are all kinds of resources available in the ASU community to help get you thinking entrepreneurially. The Just Start guidebook is a great place to start, with self-paced exercises you can complete on paper or on your device, to help spark ideas and learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset. During the academic year, you can also connect with Entrepreneurship Catalysts — ASU students who can talk through your goals and aspirations on a 1:1 basis. Finally, there is a host of entrepreneurship-focused student organizations around campus including the Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club, Changemaker Central and Startup Village. 

Edson E+I Institute is a full-service institute serving ASU and the broader community. Our goal is to cultivate a thriving regional entrepreneurship ecosystem that is inclusive, engaged and successful. Anyone can access our Training and Development Resources, a go-at-your-own-pace set of modules designed to fill in knowledge gaps – no matter where you are on your journey. Another example is the growing Peoria Forward initiative, a multiyear partnership with the City of Peoria that has catalyzed dozens of community events, trainings and a strategy to build the West Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

There is no special formula that all entrepreneurs depend upon to guarantee the success of their business or idea. A lot depends on social factors, market conditions and sometimes just chance. But there are time-tested approaches to concept ideation, problem solving and business development that can strengthen planning and reduce uncertainty. Our signature Venture Devils program is a great resource that can help you through this process from start to finish, connecting you to experienced mentors, specialized spaces and exciting opportunities to pitch, refine and perfect your concept. 

Edson E+I offers a flexible portfolio of programs, and you can choose the pace that suits your needs. Some programs, like our nationally recognized Prepped program for food entrepreneurs, require a 12-week commitment for weekly classes, while community workshops and events may only take a few hours of your time. Our team is available to discuss your specific needs. 

How Edson E+I can help you

Edson E+I provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers with the resources they need to generate new enterprises of all types. We can connect you on a 1:1 basis with an Entrepreneurship Catalyst to talk through an idea, or we can introduce you to a whole community of innovators with similar challenges and goals. If access to the right tools and physical space is your challenge, we have solutions there too! 

Over 15 years, we have supported thousands of students and 700 unique ventures in their entrepreneurial journey, and we’re ready to talk through your goals next! 

Related resources

From self-guided lessons to working spaces to mentorship opportunities, Edson E+I offers resources for anyone to use on their entrepreneurial journey.

Training to help you just start

Our Training and Development Resources can give you concrete information for turning your ideas into reality.

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Information and inspiration

Check out our blog to find informational articles and profiles of other successful entrepreneurs.


Find a space

We offer collaboration and meeting venues as well as makerspaces across ASU and throughout the community

It is really the fact that I know they are a one-stop-shop which makes me feel confident about what I need to do as an entrepreneur.

Jenavi Kasper Founder, La Jefa Status

Related programs

Join one of our programs for guidance and mentorship to help advance your idea.

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Virtual Venture Internship

With a virtual venture internship, you can learn how local entrepreneurs have gotten their ideas off the ground while gaining hands-on experience.

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Our startups

We’re proud to support innovative thinkers working in important areas from sustainability to health innovation and more. Check out some of them here!

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ASU Launch Days

Connect with Edson E+I team members and other entrepreneurial students at these exciting events to talk through their ideas and develop a plan to build them out.

What’s next?

Ready to just start your venture? Remember, every entrepreneur encounters obstacles. We are here to help you navigate the bumps in the road.