Having encouraging relationships is helpful as you try to achieve any goal. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have had at least one person who supported them by sharing their past experience, advice or just a different perspective. Through meeting with an Entrepreneurship Catalysts, you can establish a trustworthy peer connection who’s been in your shoes and can help you navigate your journey — as a student and as a budding entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Catalysts are current students who serve as a peer resource for all things entrepreneurship happening at ASU. You can connect with an Entrepreneurship Catalyst to:

  • Better navigate ASU resources related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Learn how to get involved with communities of student entrepreneurs.
  • Receive coaching and feedback on any of your idea(s) from another ASU student.

Our Entrepreneurship Catalysts are on break for the summer and will return at the start of the fall 2023 semester. In the meantime, you can reach out to Emory Ibarra for any questions or needs at [email protected].

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