Youth Entrepreneurship team supports Verizon edtech portal, labs program expansion

August 11, 2021

To say we are thrilled to be a part of this is an understatement. Our Youth Entrepreneurship team has been hard at work developing STEM-focused curriculum for the soon-to-be launched

Inclusion Matters in Entrepreneurship + Innovation

February 15, 2017

Guest Contribution By: Susan Halverson, Manager of Community Entrepreneurship In a recent article, LinkedIn published results of their member survey, finding that diversity on an entrepreneurial team is of little

Flashback Friday: 5 things you absolutely have to know about

September 5, 2015

Nobody should suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out, for the uninitiated), so we’re launching our Flashback Friday posts to give you five things to sum up this week for

News Brief: ASU students’ venture on top at Euro innovation competition

August 31, 2015

How many Arizona State University student entrepreneurs does it take to develop a solution for parents and nannies to share photos and videos of a child’s memorable moments, share critical information on the go,

News brief: ASU is changing the entrepreneurial landscape of the Southwest

August 21, 2015

Arizona State University alum and BodeTree founder and CEO Chris Myers recently credited his alma mater ASU for “transforming the Southwest into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and their unique