News brief: ASU is changing the entrepreneurial landscape of the Southwest

Arizona State University alum and BodeTree founder and CEO Chris Myers recently credited his alma mater ASU for “transforming the Southwest into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and their unique approach may succeed where so many others have failed.” According to Myers, the unique approach consists of making entrepreneurship part of each school and college’s focus, leveraging its network, and serving as a critical entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

“If ASU succeeds in becoming the hub of entrepreneurial activity in the Southwest region, it’s likely that its model can be replicated in other communities across the U.S. The idea of a future in which there are more thriving entrepreneurial communities in smaller cities is an attractive one. This diffusion of activity will lead to more diversity in the space and an increase in truly innovative ideas. If we are to succeed in the competitive landscape of the modern global economy, we’ll have to find ways to make entrepreneurship part of the social fabric. I believe that ASU is leading the way, and I’m honored to be part of their solution.”

For a link to the Forbes article, click here.

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