Flashback Friday: 5 things you absolutely have to know about

Nobody should suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out, for the uninitiated), so we’re launching our Flashback Friday posts to give you five things to sum up this week for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ASU and entrepreneurship in general. We may occasionally include posts on cute furry creatures that have been making the rounds because why not?

  • ASU Startup School workshops on all four campuses are now Fonzie-approved.

If you have an idea for a startup; have a startup and need some help to get it on track; or want to take your product to the marketplace; the ASU Startup School workshops are for you. Our expert faculty associates, who are experienced entrepreneurs themselves, are on all four ASU campuses. Dates, locations and office hour information is available here.

  • ASU startup helps save journalists’ lives
The Syrian Revolution, 2011. Photo by Jan Sefti. In 2014, 15 journalists were killed, 13 imprisoned, and 27 kidnapped in Syria. In 2015, 3 reporters have already been killed.

Way too many journalists have been harmed while reporting critical information from high-risk regions around the world. PACE Development Group, an Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative startup from Arizona State University, provides training in survival and safety skills to journalists reporting from high-risk areas around the world.

You should read the whole story. It’s really, really interesting.

  • If you’re an ASU student looking to change the world, you CANNOT miss Startup Summit! Seriously!

When you first walk in to Startup Summit, a bootcamp-ish experience that brings together students who are social entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers, you kind of think, “Oh, I’d like to change the world.” By the end of the experience, that line of thought transforms into “I’m going to change the world.” That’s powerful and amazing and inspiring. You should totally go but don’t forget to RSVP so that they save a chair and some food for you.

Startup Summit 2015
  • Startup Grind founder Derek Andersen is going to be in Phoenix on Sept. 8

If you’ve never attended a Startup Grind Phoenix event, you’re missing out. And if Derek Andersen is going to be at the next one and you don’t go, you’ll definitely miss out. Andersen is the founder of the Startup Grind community in 175+ cities to connect, educate and inspire entrepreneurs. He is a serial entrepreneur, a marketing genius, and a community builder. Needless to say, you should be at this event, hearing him speak.

  • Here’s that cute puppy post, as promised.

Hope you are as excited about the weekend as this little pup and his friends are. Have a fun and safe long weekend.

Photo courtesy - Startup Grind

Bonus (because we care about curing your FOMO):

  • Google changed its logo: Some people sighed a collective sigh of relief. Some shook their heads in disapproval. We’re mostly on Team 1. The logo is designed for mobile devices, so it serves more than just a marketing/redesign function. Here’s more if you’d like to get in the know on the topic. You can also Google “Google logo.” (Silly jokes/puns/non-jokes light up our lives, can you tell?)
  • Amazon announced its fifth-largest acquisition: It bought Elemental Technologies, a back-end mobile video service for $500 million. Crunchbase has more.

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