Igniting the Future of Healthcare at ASU’s Health Innovation Exhibition

People sitting in chairs watching a speaker inside a gray room
The annual Health Innovation Exhibition at 850 PBC

Entrepreneurship and innovation have a significant impact across many industries, including healthcare. Bringing future healthcare professionals together is a fantastic way to collaborate and brainstorm about the industry’s direction. One such opportunity is the annual Health Innovation Exhibition. This highly anticipated and inspiring event highlights new ideas in healthcare and is hosted by the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University. 

This semester, freshman Nursing and Health Innovation students came together to participate in a dynamic competition, aimed at fostering innovative solutions in the area of patient safety. The event was sponsored by the Patient Safety Technology Challenge, and according to Dr. Kathy Kenny, Assistant Dean from the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, “This was the best one yet!”

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Students presenting at the annual Health Innovation Exhibition at 850 PBC

In the lead-up to the event, predetermined teams tackled a unique challenge. Each team focused on a specific patient safety category, such as medication error, patient care, procedure/surgery safety, infections and diagnostic errors. Teams pitched their ideas through informative and visually compelling presentations, showcasing their deep dive into their chosen patient safety areas. 

Their dedication and commitment showed how healthcare solutions, with a focus on patient safety, can make a positive impact. It’s a testament to the potential that lies ahead for the future of healthcare.

The Winning Teams


Five people smiling and holding a large check with a black wall behind them
Grand prize team Telegaming Doc

Out of 164 group entries, attendees enjoyed many impressive presentations, all showing what the future of health innovation looks like.

There were five category winners and each winning group received a $500 prize. The winning teams were:

  • Alert Wrist Pro — Patient Care
  • Care Voice Companion — Medication Error
  • Easy at Home UTI Detection — Infection
  • Fearless Flu Shot — Procedure/Surgery
  • Telegaming Doc — Diagnostic Error

Telegaming Doc won the grand prize, earning an extra $500. “My favorite part of creating this project was collaborating with my teammates,”said Margo Johnson, a key member of the Telegaming Doc team. “It’s hands down the best group project I’ve ever been part of – we meshed so well and embraced each other’s ideas.” 

Margo also voiced her aspirations, saying, “I truly believe that being an innovator and entrepreneur are in my future. Once I become a nurse, my goal is to venture into the realm of health service administration.”

When the Community Comes Together

There’s so much room to develop smart ideas that can help future healthcare workers. Whether you are an ASU student, faculty, staff or community member, ASU’s Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator Lab (HEALab) is always finding ways to inspire and support innovative ideas in healthcare. Imagine advancing the quality of healthcare by encouraging new, creative approaches. It’s not just about helping patients; it’s about equipping the next generation of healthcare workers with the tools they need to navigate what lies ahead.

Eboni Davis of Eb’s Delites

At HEALab and at Edson E+I, our approach centers around connecting communities. For this year’s Health Innovation Exhibition, the community truly rallied, infusing fresh ideas into healthcare to improve outcomes for everyone. 

We enjoyed seeing entrepreneurs from diverse fields, not just healthcare, lend their support at the event. Attendees enjoyed treats provided by Eboni Davis of Eb’s Delites, a local venture that participated in Edson E+I’s Prepped program that specializes in creating desserts with unique flavors, meticulous attention to detail, and impeccable presentation. Even Sparky stopped by for a visit!  

Photo Caption: Eboni Davis of Eb’s Delites

Empowering Nurses, Transforming Healthcare

When nurses receive support from the outset of their education, they are equipped with the skills and the mindset to foster innovation throughout their careers. This early investment not only benefits nurses in their professional development but also results in a healthcare system that thrives on high-quality patient care. Once they are in their career, providing additional resources and recognition empowers nurses to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas, driving forward innovative solutions that can enhance patient outcomes and the overall healthcare landscape.

As we see more healthcare startups coming to market, it becomes even more important that they get the support and resources they need to succeed. HEALab, ASU’s accelerator solely focused on health and health care solutions, with the support of Edson E+I, offers a vast array of resources you need to bring your health-related business venture to market. The HEALab program is open to ASU students of any major, faculty, staff and community members. If you would like to take the next step, visit our website.

Jackie Gutierrez

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