How to make the most of your meeting with an Entrepreneurship Catalyst

Are you looking to explore entrepreneurship during your time at ASU? It may seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, it’s quite easy! Most people have an entrepreneurial mindset without realizing it. Entrepreneurs like to problem solve, add value, and provide solutions to current problems. If this describes yourself then you are an entrepreneur! Whether you want to start your own business, learn new skills, or join a student club related to entrepreneurship, ASU has numerous resources for you. Since there are so many resources available, you may be wondering where to start. Talking to someone about your ideas and experiences with entrepreneurship can be a helpful starting point.   Hi, I’m Emerson Soto, an Entrepreneurship Catalyst. As an Entrepreneurship Catalyst, I help current ASU students who are aspiring entrepreneurs get connected to resources that can help them along their entrepreneurial journey. I am an Entrepreneurship Catalyst because I enjoy helping people realize that their dreams can become a reality! It is so fascinating to see students develop their ideas and create something out of them. I am also pursuing a major in Business Entrepreneurship and this has taught me how to create value in the world. Our team consists of eight current ASU students with varying majors, interests, skills, and experiences. Each of us have personal experience with entrepreneurship and can understand the struggles of balancing school with entrepreneurship. Luckily, at ASU you can be both a student and an entrepreneur – we have the resources and support you need to turn your idea into a reality.  Our Entrepreneurship Catalyst team is dedicated to serving all ASU students across the Tempe, Downtown, West, Polytechnic campuses, and happily meet with ASU Online students virtually. As a Catalyst, I have helped students apply to Venture Devils, brainstorm business ideas, create a pitch for their business ideas, and much more! Think of Entrepreneurship Catalysts as mentors who are there to support you whenever you need help. It is nice to have a student who you can relate to and help you when things get difficult. Check out this blog post on why mentors are important for entrepreneurs. You may be wondering how to prepare for meeting with a Catalyst. Here are a few tips  for ensuring a successful and productive meeting: 
  1. To get started, I suggest reading through the Catalyst bios on our website to get a general idea of our individual interests and strengths. You can even schedule an introductory meeting with us just to get to know us better!
  2. Once you are ready to schedule a meeting with one of us, provide us with some preliminary information about why you are meeting with us. This can be done by including it in your meeting request. Let us know ahead of time what topics or questions you would like to discuss. We’ll also reach out via email once we have received your request, in order to learn more about you prior to meeting. This helps us prepare resources and do any necessary research prior to meeting with you. 
  3. Another tip is to check out the Edson E+I website before meeting with us. There is lots of information about our programs, resources, and initiatives, so it will be valuable to read through it and learn more.
  4. Lastly, bring your personality with you to the meeting! These meetings are supposed to be fun and relaxed so don’t feel as though you need to over-prepare. Anticipate that the meeting will be more like having a casual conversation, so be yourself!
Entrepreneurship Catalysts are here to help you turn your idea into a reality…with whatever kind of support you need. Schedule a meeting with one of us and start your entrepreneurial journey today!

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