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Entrepreneurship Catalysts

Entrepreneurship Catalysts are current students who serve as a peer resource for all things entrepreneurship happening at ASU.

You can connect with an Entrepreneurship Catalyst to:

  • better navigate ASU resources related to entrepreneurship and innovation
  • learn how to get involved with communities of student entrepreneurs
  • receive coaching and feedback on any of your idea(s) from another ASU student

Entrepreneurship Catalyst student meetings will resume Fall 2020.   If you are interested in scheduling a conversation sooner, Lauren Dunning, Sr. Program Manager, is available to meet virtually.  Schedule a time at https://calendly.com/lauren-dunning or email Lauren.Dunning@asu.edu

If you are an engineering student, learn about a separate team of KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts here.


Lauren Dunning
Sr. Program Manager for Student Entrepreneurship