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Entrepreneurship Catalysts

Entrepreneurship Catalysts are current students who serve as a peer resource for all things entrepreneurship happening at ASU.

You can connect with an Entrepreneurship Catalyst to:

  • better navigate ASU resources related to entrepreneurship and innovation
  • learn how to get involved with communities of student entrepreneurs
  • receive coaching and feedback on any of your idea(s) from another ASU student

Please note that as of March 2020, all Entrepreneurship Catalysts meetings are available virtually and not being offered in person for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.   

Meet our Entrepreneurship Catalysts

Autumn Sayler is a sophomore studying business with a focus in global politics at Barrett, The Honors College at ASU. She is passionate about bringing ideas to life through art and being involved on campus. Autumn is beginning her thesis project focused on the impact of socioeconomics on overall quality of life and happiness across different groups of people. She is driven by learning about what the world can offer to people, and what people can offer to the world. As an Entrepreneurship Catalyst, her goal is to be a resource to help others grow their ideas and passions at ASU.

Autumn can meet with you virtually.  Click here to schedule a conversation. 

Hayley Hilborn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in communication from ASU in spring 2018. Her undergraduate degree offered her many invaluable experiences, including the opportunity to study abroad twice, connect with caring faculty and deepen her interest in social justice issues. She is pursuing a master’s degree in communication from ASU with a focus on social advocacy. Hayley believes entrepreneurship and innovation are key ways people can enact change and make the world a better place for everyone. She also believes her generation and the ones following will accomplish amazing things, and she says she can’t wait to see their impact on the world. 

Hayley can meet with you virtually.  Click here to schedule a conversation. 

Brad Biehl is a Columbus, Ohio, native studying entrepreneurship and nonprofit leadership at ASU. Outside of school, he leads a podcast titled “More Than a Word.” In each episode Brad and a guest embark on an organic, conversational journey surrounding a singular word. He says the podcast’s purpose is to help evoke vulnerability, spark self-awareness and provoke process. This thesis is echoed throughout his life, including his creative work for professional soccer player Amobi Okugo at the media company A Frugal Athlete. In his free time, he takes long walks, listens to others and asks good questions (to both himself and others) in the name of vulnerability.

Brad can meet with you virtually.  Click here to schedule a conversation.  

Dana Rasmussen is value-driven. Because of this, she seeks to encourage other's own self-discovery and believes everyone has unique talents and gifts that are the key to understanding what success means them. She seeks to bring out that uniqueness in others through her roles with E+I including being a student leader for the Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club, an advocate for the HEALab at ASU, and majoring in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a special interest in nutrition, fitness, and personal wellbeing.  Dana also accompanies research at the ASU BioDesign Institute in Applied Structural Discovery because of her enjoyment of the scientific process and the value it brings to entrepreneurial endeavors. Outside of school, you will most likely find her out in nature or at crafty coffee shops, which she says is one of her favorite places to ideate.   

Dana can meet with you virtually.  Click here to schedule a conversation. 

Jordan Fourcher is a sophomore at ASU Polytechnic campus studying Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and the opportunities that ASU has to offer. He loves VR, AR, and other bleeding-edge technologies because of their potential to change the world for the better. His enthusiasm for technology lead him to create the Drone Racing Club in his freshman year. Jordan wants everyone at ASU to be able to follow their passions and be the best they can be, which is why he became an Entrepreneurial Catalyst.  

Jordan can meet with you virtually.  Click here to schedule a conversation.  

If you are an engineering student, learn about a separate team of KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts here.


Lauren Dunning
Sr. Program Manager for Student Entrepreneurship