Launch Days: What is it, and why should I get involved?

Where can you go to hear from entrepreneurial experts in the field, pitch ideas in an open forum, and see a showcase of high-performing ventures?

Launch Days!

Each semester, during September and February, we host a month-long campaign known as Launch Days.

Launch Days is where you can learn about entrepreneurial resources across all campuses at ASU and the greater Phoenix community, explore your own ideas, and be encouraged to take that idea and to “Just Start”.  Just Start not only applies to starting on your idea or your entrepreneurial journey but starting on something that you have always wanted to do or a goal you wish to accomplish.

Though we support and encourage students throughout the entire academic year, Launch Days is the answer to the questions, “Where do I start? How do I get involved?”. During the whole month of September, we are hosting a series of virtual entrepreneurship events, including:

Attending a virtual event is a great way to start, whether you are curious about learning something new, connecting to other resources, or joining a community of other innovative students. The Live @ HEALab speaker series provides an opportunity to learn from faculty experts about entrepreneurship outside of the classroom. These speaker sessions hosted by the Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation (HEI) Club are also a meaningful way to connect with other students passionate about reimagining health solutions. This is just one of many communities students can join to build friendships with other aspiring innovators while at ASU.

Not sure which community is the best fit for you? The Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Catalysts can help you with that!

The Edson E+I Catalysts are peer resources that are here to help you navigate your ideas and connect you to the resources that will best help you on your journey. You can schedule a virtual meeting with them, talk through your idea, receive some feedback and suggestions, and be directed to the best next step. The Edson E+I Catalysts are a wonderful resource if you are not sure which path to take or opportunity to participate in.

Remember that idea of yours that’s been keeping you up at night? Share it with the world during our Open Pitch Week!

Open Pitch Week consists of five virtual pitch events, with one pitch event hosted each day throughout the week of September 21-25. Open Pitch is an opportunity for ASU students to take no more than two minutes to pitch any idea that they have to an audience. That audience will vote on their favorite for a cash prize! This is good practice because all participants get a limited time to express their idea…much like you will do when sharing your idea with investors, partners, co-founders, etc. The person with the most votes will receive a $250 crowd-favorite award to use toward turning that idea into reality.

Pitching at an Open Pitch event not only gives you a chance to win a bit of funding to move your idea forward, but it is a chance to practice your pitch and get feedback. Who knows, you may even find someone to join your team or provide a skill that you need to bring your idea to life!

If you don’t have an idea or are not interested in pitching at Open Pitch, don’t worry. You can still attend as an audience member and vote on your favorite idea. Maybe you have a knack for art, a skill for social media marketing, or are well versed in coding. Open Pitch is also a great place to connect with students who have an idea but need someone with your skill to make it happen.

The best part about Launch Days is that anyone interested in exploring what entrepreneurship could mean for them is encouraged and able to participate. You don’t have to have an idea or be majoring in entrepreneurship to explore the opportunities that having an entrepreneurial mindset can bring to the table.

Launch Days can help you learn how to move your idea forward, give you a chance to build your network, potentially win a bit of funding, and get inspired by all of the innovative thinkers at ASU.

We even made Zoom backgrounds for you to download and use in hopes that it will keep you encouraged and even inspire others, too!

We hope that Launch Days encourages you to Just Start!

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