Venture Devil Spotlight: BeeSprout

In one sentence, what does BeeSprout do? BeeSprout provides sensor, computer vision and machine learning technology in gardening and agriculture. How did you come up with the idea for your startup? What was the founder story or the inspiration? Maria and I (Christopher) built a raised garden bed at her house one weekend and were beside ourselves with excitement about all of the veggies we could grow. Shortly after, Maria wanted to check in with her garden. During her lunch break, she drew storyboards in her notebook for an app that could help her. She was so excited by the idea that she texted me throughout the day about the idea. I thought that tracking the health of plants was a great way to apply my experience in biology and embedded systems to a topic I enjoy. What advice would you recommend to other ASU venture devils/ founders? Founding a company is a long, bumpy road, so make sure you are working on something you truly enjoy. You have to be almost insanely driven to start a new company out of nothing. If people think you are crazy for your level of effort, you might be on the right track. Work with people you enjoy, because building a company shouldn’t be made harder by petty disputes. And, most important, get out and talk to customers. After all, you’re trying to make something for the purpose of making some person’s life a little better. beesprout1
Cofounders: Christopher Workman Maria Bocanegra Andrew Hickey Hunter Workman Learn more about BeeSprout on their awesome blog! BeeSprout is an Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative recipient. Visit our blog weekly to read about our featured student, faculty, and community ventures!

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