Building Bridges: ASU’s Epic Journey of Collaboration

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Hey Sun Devils! Ever wondered what makes ASU a hotspot for innovation and collaboration? We’re diving deep into the secrets of success, exploring how our visionary leaders and dynamic influencers have made ASU a melting pot of ideas, dreams and game-changing discoveries – and guess what? You’re a crucial part of the story!

Interdisciplinary Rodeo: Where Ideas Collide

When it comes to innovation, ASU doesn’t believe in playing it safe. Our leaders are like the guides at the interdisciplinary rodeo – encouraging scientists, engineers and social scientists to work together on the same adventure and tackle problems that would make your brain do a happy dance.

Leadership Skill: Wild West Vision

Our leaders seamlessly navigate a complex system, guiding it with a clear vision into a collaborative and inspiring landscape. Through their guidance and determination, ASU has become a place where collaboration is the main attraction.

Mix and Match Majors: Creating the Ultimate Academic Smoothie

Imagine throwing business majors, artists and computer whizzes into a blender – that’s what happens in ASU’s cross-departmental coursework. We’re talking about courses that are more like epic collabs than your average lecture. Our leaders aren’t just breaking barriers; they’re turning academic norms into confetti!

Leadership Skill: Coursework DJ

Our leaders, the ultimate coursework DJs, spin the tunes of educational innovation. Forget departmental boundaries. They’re all about dropping beats that make you want to dance across disciplines.

Spaces that Spark Magic: From Chill Zones to Innovation Havens

Picture this: a place where innovators brainstorm next to artists painting their masterpieces. That’s ASU’s collaborative spaces, designed to make your creativity go “Boom”! Our leaders are the architects of these spaces – they’re building bridges for spontaneous collisions of genius.

Leadership Skill: Master Builder

Creating collaborative spaces is like crafting a Hogwarts for innovation. Our leaders are the wizards behind the curtain, conjuring up environments that make every Sun Devil, including you, feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Startup Fiesta: Funding for Awesome Ideas

Who said making money can’t be fun? ASU’s Venture Devils program is like the ultimate startup fiesta – founders turning wild ideas into cash cows! Our leaders, the startup maestros, make sure there’s enough guac for everyone.

Leadership Skill: Money Magician

Our leaders have the Midas touch when it comes to funding. They’re the money magicians, waving their wands to turn student, staff and faculty dreams into reality. You’ve got an idea? ASU has the resources!

Diversity Disco: Everyone’s Invited to the Dance Party

ASU’s not just a shindig for the brainiacs. It’s a diverse, inclusive dance party where every beat counts. Our leaders aren’t just the DJs; they’re the ones making sure everyone has their groove on, bringing people from different backgrounds, including you, to the center stage of collaboration.

Leadership Skill: Inclusion Instigator

Our leaders are the life of the diversity disco. They’ve got the moves to make sure everyone feels welcome. Collaboration’s not a solo act at ASU. It’s a full-on dance-off where every step, even yours, matters.

Tracey Dodenhoff: The Innovation Guide Behind the Scenes

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Meet Tracey Dodenhoff, Vice President of Edson E+I – the behind-the-scenes guide turning faculty dreams into reality. Our faculty in health tech, AI, and space exploration are like the mentors of cutting-edge innovation. Dodenhoff’s the real MVP, making sure ASU isn’t just talking the talk but walking the walk in the realms of faculty innovation.

Dodenhoff’s Guidebook: Tech Commercialization Expert

Dodenhoff Isn’t just a VP.  She is also the tech commercialization expert. Taking faculty ideas from the lab to the market, turning inventions into real-world solutions. Health tech, AI, space – Dodenhoff’s got the guidebook for every epic journey.

Jamming to the ASU Beat: Challenges and Future Beats

But wait, every epic party has its challenges. Breaking down academic silos? It’s like navigating uncharted waters – bumpy, but totally worth it. ASU’s got some homework, like overcoming tech barriers and embracing digital collabs. Our leaders aren’t party planners; they’re navigators who solve real-world problems, making sure the ASU beat stays fresh and funky.

Future Beats: Digital Dance Revolution

ASU’s gearing up for a digital dance revolution. Overcoming tech barriers and embracing virtual collabs is like upgrading from CDs to streaming. Our leaders are the DJs, spinning the beats of the future.

In a Nutshell: ASU’s Collab Wonderland

At ASU, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Visionary leaders and dynamic influencers are the guides orchestrating this symphony of innovation. Whether you’re studying the technology to make us healthier or dreaming of intergalactic adventures, ASU’s the place where dreams collide, ideas ignite, and every Sun Devil, including you, finds their groove.

Ready to hop on the journey of collaboration? Explore a variety of resources at Edson E+I, it’s where every Sun Devil, from students to faculty to staff, gets a front-row seat to the greatest entrepreneurship dance party! 

Justin Mitchell

Senior Program Manager, J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute

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