What is creative entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship also includes artists, musicians, and creatives who innovate and provide value. This module aims to empower them with entrepreneurial frameworks.

How do I start writing a book?

Thinking about writing a book but unsure where to start? This module will guide you through the exciting journey of book writing, blending self-discovery, creativity, discipline, and perseverance.

How to ask for money without awkwardness?

Whether you ask clients or investors for money, asking for business funding can be uncomfortable. This module teaches how to confidently structure funding requests.

How can I incorporate the SDGs into my entrepreneurial venture?

This module covers the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their benefits for society and business longevity.

How do I create a wireframe for my app?

Wireframes are crucial for apps and digital platforms, enabling early user feedback, idea iteration, and project alignment.

How do I add value to my organization by being an intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurship empowers employees to foster innovation and growth within an organization. It encourages experimentation, problem-solving, and visionary thinking.

How can I promote intrapreneurship in my organization?

Intrapreneurship drives innovation by empowering employees to develop ideas with senior leadership support, benefiting company growth, culture, and talent.

How can artists generate business prospects?

This resource explores 9 techniques for creatives to generate business prospects for themselves.

How will a Go-to-Market strategy help my business succeed?

Product-market fit is crucial for any venture; your business cannot succeed until you achieve it.

How can I market my ecommerce business?

In this module, you will learn digital marketing tactics that will work specifically for product-driven ecommerce businesses and the experience consumers expect today.