Iterate + grow

What is creative entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship also includes artists, musicians, and creatives who innovate and provide value. This module aims to empower them with entrepreneurial frameworks.

My book is published, what’s next?

Publishing a book is a significant achievement, but reaching readers can be challenging, especially for self-published authors. This module is here to help you.

How do I create a wireframe for my app?

Wireframes are crucial for apps and digital platforms, enabling early user feedback, idea iteration, and project alignment.

Cropped image of male lawyer writing on legal documents at desk in courtroom

What should I know about leasing property?

In the market for commercial real estate? This module covers the basic legal considerations of leasing property for your business.

Young African entrepreneur wearing a shirt and tie leaning on his desk in an office signing documents

How can I navigate my legal risks?

This resource introduces legal risks and some of the measures you can take to prevent or prepare for them.

Four people sitting in chairs in an office, looking at each other, talking

How can I become a better leader?

In this free, four-week course from Acumen Academy, you’ll use adaptive leadership techniques to solve leadership challenges.