Local Restaurant Love: How 3 Food Businesses are Growing in the West Valley

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Entrepreneurship comes in various forms, but the key to success is giving customers what they want, consistently and with top-notch quality, no matter what industry you are in. The food and restaurant scene is a crowd-pleaser, and when done right, people keep coming back for more. We enjoy shining a spotlight on local businesses that hit the spot for their communities. Check out a few of our favorites, and you might want to grab a bite from them today!


Revolu is a must-visit when in Peoria. Owners Deena and Jeremiah Gracia serve up modern eclectic street food inspired by Jeremeiah’s hometown of San Diego. “I think Revolu is a lot different from other restaurants. We make everything in-house. In the bar, we make our own syrups and mixes. I have been a professional chef for over 30 years. We make almost everything here. We stay along current trends, not only in Mexican cuisine but also in American cuisine. For example, the Nashville Chicken Taco, traditionally it’s a sandwich, but we took that idea and made it into a taco. I love Asian food so I made a taco that’s on the menu. Those are influences from other cuisines and make them our own. We hand-roast all of our own salsas and we now bottle our own and sell them on site. We are also looking into selling those hot sauces online. Our mission is to utilize local businesses for fresh produce, meats/cheeses and grocery.”

Two people sitting and smiling in front of a colorful mural and another photo of 3 tacos with a variety of toppings and three hot sauce bottles in the background
Owners, Jeremiah and Deena Gracia and house made bottled hot sauces and gourmet tacos

Favorites: Crispy Potato, Chicken Tinga, Mushroom y Mas tacos, house-made mocktails and salsas and chips, and churros!

Follow Revolu @Revolu.Taqueria

Peoria Artisan Brewery

Owned and operated by Peoria residents Matthew and Kristina Frosch and their Co-owner and Executive Chef Michael Mahalick, Peoria Artisan Brewery is an independent and truly local establishment that appreciates the support of customers near and far. They are in the middle of expanding their north Peoria restaurant into the space that opened next door to the restaurant that they’ve had since 2015. This new expansion will allow for an upscale feel with a completely new vibe that will fulfill customer needs. 

“The 2022-2023 season was very good to us,” says Matthew Frosh. “We were essentially unable to meet customer demand. We had very long wait times. The only way to make money is to have seats for customers. Out of nowhere, I found out that the space next door to us was opening up and I knew I had to jump on it. We brought a brewery to the area when one didn’t exist and now we’re growing more. Food, beer and hospitality are a passion of both mine and Chef Michael’s. There’s nothing like this in the West Valley, so let’s bring stuff that exists other places to the West Valley.”

Peoria Artisan Brewery also features a seasonal menu, Sunday brunch, Oktoberfest, and many more special events!

Alt text: A person standing in an upscale restaurant kitchen holding a drink and a large pretzel with cheddar cheese on a table.
Owner Matt Frosch in their newest space. From their menu, pretzel with housemade cheddar cheese.

Favorite Menu Items: 

Crispy Pig Ears, Hot Pretzel, PAB Chicken Bites, hand-held sandwiches like The Houston, Mac’N (skillet baked man n cheese) and of course their house-brewed beers

Follow Peoria Artisan Brewery @PeoriaArtisanBrewing and check out their seasonal menus at peoriaartisanbrewing.com

Rather stay in? Chef Bombay offers custom in-home meals

A back view of a person cooking in a kitchen with white counters and leather stools and a grilled fish dish with lime slices.
Chef Jibriel Saunders preparing a meal in a client’s kitchen. A delicious fish dish by Jibriel.

“I was born in Oakland, California, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona, after my brother’s passing. Growing up was tough. Can you imagine losing your brother while constantly shuttling in and out of the hospital at a very young age, all while knowing that your sister and mother were battling cancer? I feel that the losses in my family have ignited a special fire within me, compelling me to show the world a brighter path. I want people to see that there are opportunities and a better life waiting on the other side of hardship, that dreams can come true with perseverance, and that light can shine even in the darkest times. That’s why I created Bombay’s Creations. I believe in finding hope in every situation. 

As I grew up, I’ve always been passionate about cooking. My mom, who poured her heart into every meal she made for our family and friends, inspired me with her dedication. Watching her, I learned to see cooking as a way to create art.

I think my imaginative nature enables me to craft exceptional dishes. I take great pleasure in transforming the simplicity of food into pure art, firmly believing that food is indeed a form of art. When you’re truly passionate about something, it shines through to other people. Mastering the art of layering exquisite flavors has elevated all my dishes to an amazing level and my guests truly love it. I am deeply enthusiastic about innovating new culinary concepts for the future and future generations to come.

I have come a long way. I’ve performed at the Phoenix Suns halftime show with my friends and worked with two nonprofits in the valley to help over 50k individuals within our community during the pandemic using produce from our 20+ garden beds at Peoria Elementary School. I’ve been recognized in publications for my culinary dedication and had the opportunity to be featured on Netflix. I see myself as more than a chef—I’m an architect building firm foundations and striving to be my best self. 

I pour my heart into everything I do, and I believe my colleagues can see my passion from a mile away. They often say that I approach everything with great enthusiasm. I genuinely love connecting with people, and I’m always eager to learn and explore new things.

I believe everyone’s story is beautiful and perfectly unique, but what makes my story different from others is my ability to keep moving forward after overcoming numerous obstacles that were placed upon me.” 

Follow Jibriel @ChefBombay

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