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An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a connected set of entrepreneurs, organizations, resources, and support. As an entrepreneurial ecosystem starts to emerge, you can identify the shared values, visions, and attributes that connect all of the elements into one more robust system. 

In a virtual-enabled world, you can choose in what community you want to build your venture. A savvy entrepreneur will learn how to navigate all of these communities for their different strengths, learning what makes each of these communities unique so they can quickly connect with the elements within that ecosystem. 

Peoria Forward, a partnership between the City of Peoria and the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute at ASU, is proud to be one element working to build the West Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here is what we have noticed about the West Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem to help entrepreneurs connect within the West Valley, decide being part of our community makes sense for the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.  

We are building a thriving community through hard-work


Entrepreneurship is a challenging winding path. Ideas are easy; building sustainable solutions into viable ventures is challenging. Why do we do this hard work? Because we know entrepreneurship is our unique way to proactively create the community and life we want for each other. 

The opportunity in the West Valley, paired with the right entrepreneurial mindset, will have a significant impact well beyond our actions. 

In the West Valley, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform every level of society. Entrepreneurship can allow individual families to shape and define their reality. Entrepreneurship provides communities with iconic places and spaces to build memories.  Entrepreneurs create the solutions and jobs needed for our board global community to survive. 

You are in the right place

We define the entrepreneurial community broadly and inclusively. Complementary industry areas feed and provide one another with fresh, new perspectives; the integration of multiple industries can lead to exciting innovations. The diversity of startup and scale-up of companies can lead to more impactful and lasting outcomes.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or a business owner, EVERYONE is critical to small business owners and entrepreneurs’ success. 

Besides a diversity of community members, innovators, and supporters, the West Valley, we have several innovative partners working to bring robust programs to accelerate new growth for your enterprise. Our partners include the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, the Maricopa Small Business Development Center, and the City of Peoria Economic Development team, to name a few.  

The resources we have created tools to develop entrepreneurial skills and viable ventures for entrepreneurship’s full diversity. We empower you to learn about those tools and determine how to use them to fulfill your vision.

Building stronger means building smarter

As an ecosystem, we focus on getting feedback from your customers, iterating ideas, connecting with your peers and being open to what you don’t know. Risk is inevitable, but we can lower risk by focusing on evidence-based practices for building the skills and entrepreneurial mindset that every business owner, community member, and innovator needs to thrive.

ASU Edson E+I  is committed to infusing research-based practices for developing an effective venture into the Peoria ecosystem, alongside the practical tools, experience and connections you need.

Bottom Line 

In the West Valley, we have savvy founders who leverage our ecosystem’s radical inclusion to learn from a diversity of fellow innovators and resources to create enterprises that are both innovative and resilient. 

We look forward to working side by side with you to make your venture and our community a better place through entrepreneurship.  

Questions to consider for your journey

What values do you want to see in your entrepreneurial community? 

How will the entrepreneurial community you build your business affect your goals?

What can you contribute to your community to support and connect?

We want to hear your answer! Share your response with [email protected].

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  • The West Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem believes in the power of entrepreneurship to transform and empower communities.
  • Everyone is welcome and has a role to play in developing our entrepreneurial community.
  • The West Valley is building more sustainable businesses. Will you join us?

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