Insights from Two Innovative Black-Owned Business Owners

At the heart of business innovation lie ideas born from unexplored needs. The visionary entrepreneurs who bring these innovations to life not only add immense value to our economy but also enrich our culture. 

August is National Black Business Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate Black-owned businesses and recognize how their bold strides shape our most valuable products and services, as well as our future.

We interviewed local innovators whose businesses are helping customers find unique solutions to their problems and inspiring anyone who is thinking about building a successful business.

Meet Cerila Gailliard, CEO of Orchestrating Your Success LLC

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Cerila Gailliard

Please tell our community about how your services satisfy the needs of the clients you serve.

Many of our clients struggle with an ever-growing project list with limited resources available and a greater demand to meet project goals, budgets and schedules. It is not uncommon for managers to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by these project demands. Orchestrating Your Success LLC will take the LEAD with all things project-management related. Our company helps bring clarity and prepare organizations for the work required to achieve project success.   

What excites you about the future of your business?

We are excited about expanding Orchestrating Your Success LLC services into the international market. Exporting your services into the international market is almost like starting your business all over again, but we are committed to finding new opportunities and working in the international market space. 

Meet Charlotte Young Bowens, Founder of Conscious Gear

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Charlotte Young Bowens

Please tell our community about how your product provides value to the customers you serve.

Conscious Gear is dedicated to embracing and celebrating body diversity within the realm of outdoor activities. At the heart of our offerings is our flagship product, VestaPak – the world’s pioneering hydration vest meticulously crafted by and for individuals with bigger bodies.

VestaPak embodies the essence of versatility, seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re working out at the gym, engaging in activities at home, or embarking on outdoor escapades such as walking, hiking, cycling, or running, VestaPak is your reliable companion.

What excites you about the future of your business?

We are thrilled by the boundless potential applications of our product, paving the way for what we now define as “wearable hydration” across our current and upcoming product range. 

Traditional hydration packs are associated with outdoor adventures and endurance pursuits, however, we’ve uncovered a remarkable trend: our hydration vests have become an essential companion not only for outdoor enthusiasts but also for those engaged in indoor workouts, gardening, dog walking, and an array of other activities.

In essence, the future of our business is marked by the excitement of innovation, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing people’s lives through wearable hydration and tailored outdoor gear.

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How to support Black-owned businesses

National Black Business Month is a reminder to celebrate Black entrepreneurs every day, not only during the month of August.

Want to support Black-owned businesses across the country? Take a look at a list of Black-owned small business directories collected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And to support Black-owned businesses in the Phoenix Metro area, a list created by Visit Phoenix is a good resource.

If you have a business idea, Edson E+I’s Community Entrepreneurship connects local business owners with ASU’s existing entrepreneurship resources to give them the support they need to help their ideas flourish. We welcome you to reach out and just start!

Jackie Gutierrez

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