ASU student, inventor aims to calm nerves without meds

What if you could calm your nerves for a better night sleep all without taking any medication?

That’s the big idea one Arizona State University Ph.D. student is working on.

Nick Hool is a bioengineering student and an avid golfer.

He competed nationally as a high school student but always had shot nerves that affected his game.

Flash forward to today, he is working on an invention that you wear like an earbud.

It sends painless electrical impulses aimed at stimulating the vagus nerve.

This nerve controls the body’s process of relaxing.

This type of electrical stimulation has been used to treat epilepsy and more, but Hool thinks it has tons of applications like helping with performance anxiety and stress relief.

“Fall asleep faster, people with insomnia, or any type of issue, ailments, that prevents them from falling asleep. that is one of the major areas of research we are looking into,” Nick Hool with Hoolest Performance Technologies said.

Nick is doing a bunch of test on his “Hoolest” earbuds and while he thinks it is great if it can help people sleep better, he is looking at uses like helping Parkinson patients with their balance.

After clinical trials and a lot of hard work, Nick hopes to bring his invention to market sometime next year

He has already caught the attention of plenty of people at ASU, in fact, he won a $100,000 prize for innovation during the ASU Innovation Open.

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