Next Gen Summit Trip: Day 2

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Yesterday, the conference location was at Galvanize, where everyone met up for the first time. Today, the conference was located at Convene. The conference center was on the 17th floor of an extremely tall building. Being from Arizona, we aren’t used to seeing such tall buildings anywhere in except Downtown Phoenix, but even those buildings don’t come close to the ones in Manhattan. It is quite the sight to behold. It is dense and populated with bustling crowds and a lot of tall buildings.

There were sessions every hour until 5:30, after which there is a gap for people to enjoy however they’d like. There were a variety of speakers from a variety of backgrounds talking about topics such as diversity, women in tech, sports, Thiel fellowship, and many others.

The first session we went to had Art Wrubel, the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and Michael Loeb, CEO of Loeb Enterprises (he has sold multi-million dollar companies in the past). The moderator only got to ask a couple questions before the audience started asking questions on their own! It became a dynamic Question & Answer session. Afterward, we went to more sessions involving sports, women in Business/Tech, and the Thiel fellowship.

Along with the talks, we did a fair bit of networking and had lunch with friends from NGS. We got to meet some of the people we had connected with online but never had the opportunity to see in person.

We closed out the day by going to Dave & Buster’s to get dinner, as well as play arcade games. NGS had their night event at that location so we got a preloaded card with some credits to play different games. After we exhausted our credits, we decided to head home for the day to recharge for the next.

We are both excited to see what day 3 (and last day) of NGS will be like, and we’ll be up bright and early for it in the morning. Until the next blog post, stay tuned for further updates from us!

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