What does it take to “Just Start?”

Throughout October, E+I has been and will be visiting ASU campuses to encourage students to “just start” on their ideas for startups, non-profits and everything in between.

Our friends from ASU News heard about ASU Launch Days and did this wonderful story about what Launch Days mean for ASU’s entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s an excerpt quoting Dr. Garret Westlake, associate dean of student entrepreneurship at ASU:

“Our vision is that entrepreneurship is as much a skill set and a way of thinking as a vocation,” said Garrett Westlake, associate dean of student entrepreneurship. “Students tend to shy away from the word ‘entrepreneur,’ but when you talk to them, they’re all working on something that they’re excited about, like an idea for a community-service project.”

Launch Days begin with outreach to students about all the ways they can see their ideas come to life. Tables are set up around campus and volunteers gave out T-shirts and notebooks with the motto “Just Start.”

For Open Pitch, students create two-minute “elevator pitches” that describe their ideas and drum up enthusiasm. They are expected to explain their target markets, how they would get their ideas off the ground and how they would make money.

To read the full story, click here. To RSVP for an upcoming ASU Launch Day Open Pitch event, click here.

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