News Brief: ASU grad pursues idea during Thiel Fellowship

Entrepreneur, intrapreneur, innovator…Any and all of these words could be used to describe Arizona State University grad Shantanu Bala who is the first Thiel Fellow from Arizona.

The Edson program grad has never been one for a slow pace. That may be part of the reason why he continued to work at ASU’s CUbiC Lab on an electronic glove to assist individuals with visual disabilities transform facial expressions into tactile sensations, while working on his Edson startup EBook Glue that allows users to turn documents, blog posts and web pages into ebooks.

Just to provide some context, Thiel Fellows are creative and entrepreneurial young people who are given $100,000 to pursue their work and provided additional resources, such as workshops and access to mentors and networking events. They are expected to pursue the fellowship outside of a higher education environment, which works perfectly because Shantanu completed his degree before even starting as a Fellow. Yes, we are aware. He’s a BIG deal.

Read more about Shantanu on Huffington Post: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Carol J. Carter

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