5 things we are psyched about for ASU student entrepreneurs!

1. High school entrepreneurs step it up a notch (or two or four)!

Adulting is hard. Entrepreneur-ing is harder. So, when about 40 first-year students, right out of high school, said they want to get started on their startup ideas right away, we abided and launched the E+I Freshman Fellowship program.

As the very first E+I Freshman Fellows, these students are going to receive support to develop their idea or startup, and apply to entrepreneurship competitions. Having access to regular guest speakers, workshops and conferences is pretty sweet, too.

We basically think of them as the youngest E+I ninjas, slowly planning to take over and change the world for the better.

2. Such ideas. Much wow..

A Reddit meets Etsy for local art
An adapted e-reader that allows individuals with disabilities to access reading materials
A robotic system that serves as teaching tools for STEAM-driven education
A wireless underwater telecommunications device that transforms underwater sensing and communications

There’s a reason why ASU’s Edson Student Entrepreneur Program is one of the most prestigious student accelerator programs in the country. The Fall 2015 Edson cohort is tackling some transformative ideas and we can’t wait to see the impact they have.

Also, having access to ASU’s mentors and networks pays off in a MAJOR way. Last year’s Edson cohort raised nearly $3 million in external funding, so this year we’re aiming for $100 million. Just kidding. (Not really. They’ll probably be at that number before we know it!)

4. Our very own street team
Staying on point (and on fleek) with our entrepreneurship programs is of absolute importance to us. So we’ve formed our very own street team of E+I Ambassadors. These students are going to be our senior entrepreneurship ninjas, spreading the word about entrepreneurship programs at ASU and how to entrepreneur (we’re making it a verb) in general. They also happen to be entrepreneurs, standup comics, budding journalists and engineers. Seriously.

5. Sick swag!
We thought our black Just Start Notebooks were coolest, but then we outdid ourselves. I mean, look at this special edition, wood-covered E+I Notebook! We’re so excited about these and all the other swag that’s coming your way. You should get excited too. Very. Excited.

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