Venture Devils: Social Impact Meetup

Network with fellow social entrepreneurs and mentors in the Venture Devils program!

April 6, 2023 12:00 pm - April 6, 2023 1:00 pm
- Skysong Building 1, Room 249 (ROOM CHANGE); 1475 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85257 -

Who: Social impact ventures in the Venture Devils program and Venture Mentors, Joan Lowell and Glenn Thomas

What: Conversation with other social impact ventures to discuss challenges, wins, and opportunities available for social entrepreneurs.

When: Thursday, 4/6/2023 at 12:00pm

Where: Hybrid


Meet with other social impact ventures in the Venture Devils program and Venture Mentors, Joan Lowell and Glenn Thomas, on Thursday, April 6th at 12:00pm. This is an opportunity to connect with each other to develop strategic working relationships, discuss current challenges and successes, share opportunities and resources, and inform the Venture Devils team of what you need to grow as a social entrepreneur. Free food will be provided if you join in person!

Joan Lowell has held leadership positions in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years. She served as Executive Director of Hospice of the Valley from 1983 to 1994, followed by two years in the Peace Corps, Kazakhstan, where she served as a counselor in business and NGO development. She has continued this work to date in Arizona, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Upon her return from the Peace Corps, Joan served as Senior Advancement Officer for Donor Services for the Arizona Community Foundation until 2007. She currently is a board member of three family foundations and three nonprofit organizations and consults to nonprofit organizations in Arizona. She serves as a Venture Mentor at ASU. Joan holds a BA from Queens College, N.Y., an M.S. from Adelphi University, N.Y. and an M.P.A. from ASU.

Glenn Thomas is a technology entrepreneur, startup advisor, author, speaker, and documentary filmmaker. He has extensive experience in digital product development, digital strategy, streaming media, marketing, and advertising, as well as open source and cloud computing. He is currently a Venture Mentor through the ASU Venture Devil program and consults on technology products globally. He enjoys working with social impact companies to help them bring the greatest possible good to the world.



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