Announcing the Launch of Cultivate PHX: Agrifood Tech Incubator

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Agrifood innovation for people and the planet

ASU’s Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service, the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute and the City of Phoenix are excited to announce the launch of Cultivate PHX, a new incubator program dedicated to supporting agrifood ventures at the forefront of innovation in sustainable food systems and agriculture. 

Cultivate PHX is set to award an impressive $300,000 in seed grant funding to ventures addressing key areas within the full lifecycle of food and advanced ventures seeking to pilot new technology. Cohort members will also enjoy valuable benefits such as specialized training from experts, tailored programming to support product and business development and free co-working space.

What to expect  

🗓️ Monthly Forums: 3rd Tuesdays: Interactive event tackling startup acceleration challenges specific to argifood ventures 

👥 Community Platform: Connect, access resources, and track your venture’s journey 

🏢 Space for your venture: E+I @ PBC provides a physical hub for founders, free coworking 

📈 Funding opportunities:  Multiple opportunities to pitch for seed and pilot program funding  

📚 TDR Modules: Receive monthly self-guided courses to build a solid foundation for high-growth ventures, digitally delivered

Plus, more tailored resources and a community supporting your entrepreneurial journey! 

Events you won’t want to miss  

Enjoy a lineup of events and opportunities:

Get entrepreneurial resources

See how you can get involved or explore these free resources:

  • Get an example of one of the innovation modules 
  • Connect with multiple mentors and community resources 
  • With an open invitation to the community, you can join anytime. Grab your spot and get ready to scale up your venture!

Are you ready to innovate?

Sign up for the Cultivate PHX  Agrifood Tech Incubator now, then attend the launch Tuesday, October 25th

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