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Training and Development Resources: support to make your ideas a reality for any entrepreneurial stage

Depending on where you are with your venture, idea, or business, sometimes we need some help filling in knowledge or skill gaps to get to the next phase.

That’s where our newest on-demand resource comes in, the Training and Development Resources (TDR). TDR is a free, on-demand digital learning tool for people like you – entrepreneurs, innovators, idea creators and value-adders – regardless of age or location.

Curated and created by entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, take a look around our collections to find support on crafting your pitch, navigating the customer journey, discovering funding options, identifying how to legally form your business and much more. All the collections and modules are go-at-your-own pace and have audio, video, and text-based lessons to meet your learning style and schedule.

What will I find in Training and Development Resources?

The TDR is broken into smaller collections of resources to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. From Just start to Your funding and finances to Legally speaking and more, the TDR has curated learning tools to serve you at any point throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Collection of modules from the Training and Development Resources website

If you’re excited to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation, but not certain where to start, here are a couple of options:

  • Entrepreneurial Approach – Edson E+I believes that an Entrepreneurial Approach is foundational to entrepreneurship. This resource explores seven ways of incorporating an entrepreneurial approach into any problem you’re facing.
  • What’s the problem? Creating value and making an impact comes from solving a problem. But first, you’ll need to find and define the problem. This resource includes a few activities to help you get started.
Module header image for TDR module, "How can I optimize my pitch?"

If you have an idea that you want to move forward with, these modules can help you keep going:

  • How can I optimize my pitch? If you’re ready to share your big idea or pitch your growing venture and you’re looking for tips and templates, this resource is for you. We’ll start with a basic elevator pitch, add depth and dimension, and share prompts for expanding to a longer, more formal pitch.
  • What is customer discovery? Identify who is using your product or benefitting from your service and get to know them. Once you know your customer, you can iterate and grow to better meet their needs.
Modules in the "Legally speaking" collection of the Training and Development Resources website

If you’re looking for practical information on financial or legal needs, the TDR is a great place to start. Here are a few examples of what you’ll find here:

Head over to to find what works for you, and be sure to check out the “Key takeaways + next steps” section at the end of most modules for additional learning tools to explore!

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