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Pitch In: A community event to pitch your idea, get real-time feedback

Have an idea but not sure how to propel it forward? Want comments, direction and real-time feedback from other business owners and entrepreneurs in the community? Come join us at the next Pitch In event!

Pitch In is a community-led and action-based entrepreneurship gathering led by passionate community volunteers open to everyone across the Phoenix metro area. 

Pitch In meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month in the mornings from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. It consists of two presenters, who each share their stories for 6 minutes. Then the community has 20 minutes to ask questions to provide each entrepreneur with the best resources to address the entrepreneur’s needs. The first question is always, “what can the Pitch In community do for you?” which reflects the supportive and collaborative nature of the Pitch In community.  All events are hybrid, so you can join either virtually or in-person at Pop-Up Peoria at Park West in the West Valley. Virtual attendance is available through the televëda platform, a local online event platform specifically designed to be accessible to everyone in the community. 

Why you should participate 

Pitch In is an excellent opportunity for any entrepreneur, innovator or community resource to connect, hear the latest ideas being built in our community and be inspired by a diversity of views and perspectives. Attendees also learn about entrepreneurship by just listening to the presentation and questions asked. 

Pitch In is a great place to start if you are new to the Phoenix startup community. It also allows attendees to contribute back to the ecosystem and support your fellow founders. 

Why you should presenter

Presenters get a chance to hone their pitch and gain fresh perspectives on their ideas or ventures. The community works hard to provide the founder with the resources needed to fulfill their “ask” of the community–something with which the community can help them. 

Who owns Pitch In 

Pitch In is a community-volunteer-led program that is supported by the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute at Arizona State University. Having served on the 1 Million Cups committee previously, the Edson E+I Institute understands the value of having a resource partner to create the consistency and logistical support needed to execute a high-quality, bi-weekly experience for entrepreneurs. 

The evolution of Pitch In

Phoenix had been home to a an entrepreneurial program called 1 Million Cups which has gone through many iterations in the #yesphx community. It was created by the Kauffman Foundation (a national organization working to improve education, entrepreneurship and the economy) but led locally by community volunteers. The format consisted of weekly meetings utilizing data-supported entrepreneurial ecosystem-building practices. The national brand provided the necessary consistency and structure for the community to begin organizing in the early stages of Arizona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Phoenix area coalesced into three communities that met regularly based on geographic location: Central Phoenix, East Valley and West Valley. 

In 2020, the local 1 Million Cups communities had to transition and pivot to keep the entrepreneurial community growing. The 1 Million Cups national organization also evolved their model and the requirements of volunteers to fulfill its vision. 

Now, the broader Phoenix metropolitan area has evolved and emerged as an established ecosystem with unique values and needs. The Phoenix 1 Million Cups volunteer committees recognized this as an opportunity to build a program that aligns with the current needs of the Arizona entrepreneurial community. 

The committees decided to transition away from the 1 Million Cups national brand and created an Arizona-specific platform BY and FOR the local community. The winner of the community-wide name vote is Pitch In. This name reflects the welcoming and supportive space our community creates for all types of founders to pitch their ideas, as well as the generous spirit that fuels our insightful feedback and assistance. 

How can I Pitch In? 

The community volunteer committee is always looking for volunteers to help organize as well as speakers to present their ideas or innovation. They are currently working hard to launch a new website and new social media platforms. You can register here.

The Pitch In community looks forward to this new chapter in our ecosystem’s story and hopes you will be joining us to Pitch In.

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