7 Tips for Tailoring Your Resume to Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Are you unsure of how to tailor your resume to find entrepreneurial opportunities that would be a good fit for you? Even when your long-term goal is entrepreneurship, gaining professional experience is foundational in helping you develop the skills and experiences needed to be successful in your endeavors.

Once you find opportunities you’re interested in pursuing, let’s discuss how you can customize your application. Check out these 7 tips to highlight your entrepreneurial spirit in your resume.

1. Highlight adaptability and transferable skills.

Circumstances can change quickly. Showcase how you have been adaptable through previous experiences and how your skills transfer. Have you presented to a class on a group project? Share about how this public speaking experience has prepared you to make a pitch to a team. Think about your skills through the work you would be doing in this new role.

2. Show that you’re a problem-solver.

Entrepreneurial ventures are all about finding solutions, so effective problem-solving skills are a must! How can you highlight your problem-solving skills throughout your resume?

3. Explain how you bring new ideas.

Employers in this industry want to see how you are creative, think critically, and bring new ideas to the table. Give examples of when you’ve proposed or implemented new ideas into a project.

4. Showcase your results.

This is important for any industry and opportunity, and especially in entrepreneurship. How are you finding success in your projects? How are you improving a problem or developing a solution? Make sure to tell the full story when sharing your experiences.

5. Share how you take risks.

Entrepreneurship requires taking risks. Share experiences where you took a risk and what the outcome was. Was it successful? What did you learn from it? Show how you navigated the opportunity and what worked well throughout the experience.

6. Articulate your response to failure.

Failure is inevitable when you take risks, and it is a part of professional growth! Look at failure as an opportunity for growth and a chance to change strategy for the next time. Be able to confidently and clearly share about these experiences.

7. Demonstrate self-awareness.

Self-awareness is key to being a successful professional. When you’re trying new ideas, responding to rapid changes, and thinking critically about solutions, your self-awareness impacts all of these decisions. It is important to show that you are aware of your strengths and areas for growth, as well as articulating how you can improve in these areas.

You have so many people at ASU to support you in your entrepreneurial ventures! If you have more questions about tailoring your resume for an opportunity, consider checking out our resume resources, submitting your document to Resume Dropbox, or visiting us for drop-in advising. We are here for you!

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