Venture Devils+ kicks off its 4th session to support the continued advancement of ventures

Spring 2021 brings the Venture Devils program its 4th offering and cohort of Venture Devils+, a program designed to help bridge the gap between early-stage ventures and those that are investment-ready. The focus areas of the Venture Devils+ program are go-to-market strategy and to prepare for more significant and sustainable financing.  

The Venture Devils+ program launched in March of 2020 and each cohort of participating ventures receive individualized, intensive mentoring led by Marty Levy and Stephanie Sims. With each 15-week offering, the program has undergone iterative advancements that have created a more impactful experience for the participating ventures. In addition to an application, a round of interviews for the top 10 venture applicants was implemented for this round. After careful review, six ventures were selected to participate in this spring’s program offering. While the opportunity to apply for this supplemental programming is open to any Venture Devils participant, it is best suited for ventures that are ready to truly strategize and execute their go-to-market strategy and focus on long-term finance framework for continued success. 

“These six entrepreneurs were selected because they shared interesting paths to becoming entrepreneurs, and demonstrated coachability and impressive progress to date in their respective businesses,” Sims said of the chosen ventures. Both Sims and Levy were pleased with incorporating the interview process in assisting with the cohort decision. “Adding this (interview) step was a great addition. It provided a much better understanding of the entrepreneur (especially), and of the venture.  It seems like we made more informed and comprehensive choices as a result,” Levy reflected after the selection process was complete. 

Meet our Spring 2021 Venture Devils+ cohort:

Café Emporos | Founder: Ruben Trujiilo | Connecting family and friends through the coffeegram.

GoSurf | Founder: Aleksei Stojanovic |  A mobile application that connects surfers of all skill levels with surf instructors, coaches, photographers, and videographers.

2 Million Blossoms | Founder: Kirsten Traynor | A quarterly print magazine dedicated to protecting our pollinators that aims to entertain, inform and inspire.

2 Million Blossoms founder, Kirsten Traynor

GMDY | Founder: Danny Harris | GMDY is the premier real-time consumer and analytics engine – focusing on the sports vertical today.

Wild Portals  | Founder: Tony Wild | Creating real-life camera experiences for entertainment and sporting events.

Wild Portals founder, Tony Wild

Wager Champs | Founder: Rayan Vatti | A risk-free, social, and competitive way to experience sports betting.

Check out our most recent Venture Devils+ Showcase, held in September of 2020:

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