Students Showcase Health Innovation Solutions

Guest Post: Caitlyn Zang, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, College of Nursing and Health Innovation.  Among other activities, Caitlyn oversees the ASU 101 experience, an introductory course that supports first-year students, and connects them to relevant resources. 

Throughout the fall semester, our students within ASU 101 work on a semester-long project call the Health Innovation Project, in which students formulate teams to tackle a problem within the healthcare industry to develop an innovative solution. Through research and real-life experiences the college has found there are numerous current and developing problems that are present in the healthcare world today, what better way is there for students to become exposed to these issues than to develop new ways to address these challenges? The Health Innovation Exhibition gives students this opportunity.

Through the exhibition, students are asked to address a specific issue present within the health industry today. For this project, students identify a health or healthcare problem, conduct research to develop information for why this issue needs to be addressed, and then propose an original solution. They are given different resources and in-depth feedback to ensure that they understand what it means to be innovative in the healthcare industry and to be able to work with the changes that innovation can bring. Students then present their information to a variety of audiences, giving them the chance to experience what it is like to unveil their ideas.

This project, one student comments, “helps us spread our ideas around, create new ideas, and overall enhance the [college] experience for ASU students.” The goal of the Health Innovation Exhibition is to help students cultivate knowledge and skills that can be translated into the work environment after they leave Arizona State University. Being able to apply the skills they have been learning about during the semester is what makes the Health Innovation Exhibition significant and important for students. This project is more than just rehearsed information; it is a unique opportunity to understand what health innovation truly means and to tie in the first semester at Arizona State University.

Please join us for the Health Innovation Exhibition on Friday, December 1, 2017 from 3–4 p.m. in the Health North/South Courtyard. Students within the College of Nursing and Health Innovation ASU 101 class on the Downtown Phoenix campus will present projects proposing innovative solutions to current issues in healthcare. 

For more information, please email [email protected].

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