Cisco Innovation Challenge 2016: Participant Preview

The ASU Cisco Innovation Challenge is tomorrow, December 8th, 2016 and five individuals from South Mountain Community College and Paradise Valley Community College will be pitching their innovative ideas and vying for seed funding of up to $5,000. This event is supported by grant funding from the Cisco corporate advised fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) and will be hosted at the ASU Downtown Campus. For more information about this program, please visit our website: During the event be sure to follow the hashtag: #asuciscochallenge We would like to introduce you to the five talented innovators who will be pitching their ideas. Name: Renee S. Eberhardt School: Paradise Valley Community College Idea: Honor Oils Honor Oils, wellness initiative for veterans. Honor Oils is a custom essential oil line that’s coupled with meditation for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our company offers a safe, non-invasive introduction to complimentary alternative therapies for relaxation. The herbs and essential oils are selected for their healing abilities and sedative qualities, as PTSD is an anxiety disorder. We want to open the door to wellness and give veterans tools that they can utilize in everyday situations. Honor Oils empowers veteran caregivers by sponsoring local wellness initiatives. About the Entrepreneur: Renee is a Holistic Entrepreneur, with 9 years of experience. Sharing her knowledge and building on her skill set, for the betterment of others, has been a guiding force in both her professional and personal life. She’s passionate about the body, and helping others reach their health goals with natural & alternative therapies.
Name: Arturo Trevizo School: South Mountain Community College Idea: Human Power Project is a business that uses a stationary bicycle as a platform on which to base a power generating addition, as well as a sensor that links to a mobile application to track energy created, as well as track personal goals met while relay information back to the user about their individual progress. The user will receive in-app medallions for achieving their goals and community medallions will be given out as well. The hardware will be marketed to individuals, fitness centers, and companies with fitness facilities on-site, as well as schools and government agencies. About the Entrepreneur: The Human Powered Project was founded by Jose Luis Velasquez, Angel Diaz, Juan Villegas, and Arturo Trevizo. The concept for the Novus arose from the SMCC STEMS club as a project idea. Originally it was just to be a prototype to show the community that small amounts of electricity could be generated by individuals with readily available components. However, one of the members was also accepted into ASU’s Poder Program and the idea subsequently grew into its current iteration with help and cooperation from other club members.
Name: Kay Vohra School: Paradise Valley Community College Idea: The App MyStyles will be used to connect the barber industry through the internet. It will provide a platform for barbers, hair dressers, and make-up artists to showcase their work. By doing this, customers will be better able to judge the service and expectations in advance of their visit. Reviews will be available, along with photos and videos. The individual receiving the haircut can check on profiles and give ratings for the job they received with their own account. Discounts will be offered through the app so individuals will be more willing to try out different services. The end product of this app will be able to set-up appointments with desired professionals, and will also include a taste of fashion that individuals will be able to dissect. This app will hopefully connect the whole fashion industry as it grows.                                                                           About the Entrepreneur: Kunal is a very dedicated individual who has learned to never give up. He always carries himself with a positive attitude, but at the same time he respects all individuals that he chooses to surround himself with. This opportunity means the world to him, and he is thankful.
Name: Toya “Naomi” Phillips School: South Mountain Community College Idea: Melinated Sun is an all-natural sunscreen that does not contain toxic metals as the active ingredient. Many sunscreens on the market today contain a laundry list of toxic metals, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, Oxybenzone, which is linked to hormone disruption and cell damage that may lead to skin cancer. For the past 5 years I have been testing a proprietary blend of all-natural oils and herbal extracts derived from plants, roots, barks and resins. In working with our proprietary blend we have discovered a great deal of health benefits, chief of which is superior burn protection. I intend to grow a business that provides natural skin and haircare products using the finest and most natural ingredients the Earth and the Sun have to offer. We will produce four body products to start with and we will gradually add as the company grows. Beginning products include our signature proprietary blend of sunscreen, lotions, hair moisturizers and lip balm. About the Entrepreneur: I have been into natural health and beauty for more than 20 years. Over the past 5 years I have found my passion in creating my own natural body products. I created my company, Melinated Sun so that I could share my passion with others.
Name: Jordaun Peel School: South Mountain Community College Idea: New Life Industries Recycle space creates a multifaceted gardening platform to include buildable/upgradeable gardens sizing from small to very large. Our goal is to integrate solar power devices to run auto feeders and timers with options to start small gardens on a budget and slowly add on with upgrades. We also includes a choice of personalized subscription for seeds/seedlings, soil, nutrients, and educational materials to “take the guessing out of gardening”. And last but not least, we offer a Facebook/blog-like online platform to provide a gardening community where people can share their garden techniques, ask questions, or just show off. This product will be available worldwide and everything can be ordered online and shipped to your front door. I want to change the world one plant at a time, and if successful, I would like to give back to our community by offering sponsorships for our gardens to be put in EVERY school to teach our children how to grow again About the Entrepreneur: I currently own a successful business and have begun to look into other entrepreneurship opportunities. My new idea stems from my personal gardening hobby where I often experience many challenges and questions. I want to take the guessing out of gardening and provide communities with whatever they need to grow what they desire, especially in areas that are not currently being used. This business makes the ease of gardening delivered to your front door with a pre-determined personalized questionnaire and access to a professional team of gardening specialists.

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