Trash has long been a source of frustration for major cities like Phoenix. Landfills take up critical space across the country, often filling beyond capacity, leaking toxins in the ground and creating financial liabilities that extend far beyond their physical boundaries. The Resource Innovation and Solutions Network (RISN) Incubator was designed to turn this literal waste into bounty for the Phoenix metro area and Southwest region.

For entrepreneurs in the early stages of waste-to-product innovation, the RISN Incubator offered an opportunity to rapidly scale and transform their startups for success. The RISN Incubator helped entrepreneurs test their concepts, build their company and scale to market by providing:

  • Dedicated expert mentors to guide advancement. 
  • Unmatched strategic advisement.
  • Introductions to industry stakeholders.
  • Access to technical experts in the field of material reuse, technology and the circular economy.
  • Business training on topics related to building a cost and revenue model, operations, value proposition, understanding your customers and more.
  • Waste from the City of Phoenix for use in the development, testing and activation of a product or service.
  • A process for entrepreneurs and their ventures to be continuously evaluated and prequalified for funding opportunities. 

Impact on the circular economy


companies incubated

$3.72 million

capital raised

$4.14 million

revenue generated


jobs created


patents filed


products launched



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