Graphic depiction of multiple networks connecting around the globe.

Global Network of Innovation Centers


ASU invites entrepreneurship and innovation centers and institutes from higher education institutions across the world to join our global network. As a member of the ASU Global Network of Innovation Centers, you will have the opportunity to share best practices, exchange resources and enjoy reciprocal benefits for your founders, students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. 

At ASU, we see entrepreneurship not as a career path or an achievement, but rather, a mindset — a way of looking at the world. In this way, we believe it is not just relevant, but also essential to the academic world. 

Whether it’s addressing climate change, eliminating global poverty or reshaping health care, every great challenge requires a dynamic approach and an entrepreneurial mindset. As an institution, we are committed to unlocking and cultivating the mindset in our students and faculty in all degree programs and disciplines, and we do this through one university-encompassed initiative, the Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute.

Drawing on a rich array of academic and support services offered through the university, the Edson E+I Institute resources and programs help generate new enterprises — ranging from for-profit and nonprofit startups to new research ventures and more — by connecting entrepreneurs and business owners to mentors, maker and other fabrication and creative spaces, and seed funding, as well as additional prospective funders. 

But our vision extends beyond our community to the world. We invite your higher education institution to join the ASU Global Network of Innovation Centers to create a collaborative advantage. Together, we can create truly international opportunities on a scale no individual member could achieve alone.


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Our programs for entrepreneurs at ASU and in the community provide guidance and support to help you move your venture to the next level.