Cultivate PHX: Agrifood Tech Incubator


Cultivate PHX is dedicated to supporting AgriFood ventures at the forefront of food innovation. Cohort members can look forward to gaining valuable benefits such as access to co-working space, specialized training from experts and tailored programming to support product and business development. 

At the Edson E+I Institute, we understand the critical role that funding plays in advancing these innovative ventures. That’s why Cultivate PHX is set to award an impressive $300,000 in seed grant funding to ventures demonstrating technological innovation and delivering benefits to the broader Phoenix area. Funding opportunities are available for ventures addressing key areas within the full lifecycle of food and advanced ventures seeking to pilot new technology. 

With the support of the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service, we’re excited about cultivating the growth of ventures prioritizing sustainable and fair solutions for both people and the planet.

Expect to unlock impactful opportunities and make valuable connections!


Ready to join the Cultivate PHX community?

To get started, you will need to create a profile and complete the Cultivate PHX signup on the WorldLabs platform. The signup includes important details and walks you through a series of key questions so we can get to know you and your venture. 

WorldLabs will serve as the virtual hub and dashboard for everything Cultivate PHX. 

For a quick overview of the signup process, check out a step-by-step guide of the signup process. 

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Below is a sampling of the program, designed to prepare founders for the next stage of their venture.

  • Monthly Forums
    Monthly forums dive into vital topics for accelerating the growth of your sustainable food system venture and are open to everybody.
  • Expert Mentorship
    Collaborate with experts in the community providing insights and guidance to founders, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Space for Your Venture
    Entrepreneurs can connect in a collaborative work and event space in the heart of downtown Phoenix.
  • Learning Modules
    The Edson E+I Institute has created self-guided online learning modules to teach entrepreneurship concepts.
  • Pitch Competitions
    Stay-tuned for opportunities to pitch for funding for your venture.


What entrepreneurs had to say about Cultivate PHX:

The Cultivate PHX program fills the urgent need for an incubator program for Agri-Food startups which have a different set of challenges than conventional SaaS-based startups. The program provides a valuable platform for startup founders to meet and discuss opportunities to collaborate on. We have benefitted from networking and are discussing a possible collaboration with another founder in the program.

Raghu Nandivada Founder of Padma Robotics

Meet the team

Large group of people sitting at tables with a speaker at Cultivate PHX: Agrifood Tech Incubator.
The community of collaboration at Cultivate PHX: Agrifood Tech Incubator.

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