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The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Site at Arizona State University provides training, coaching and financial support to faculty and student efforts to transition university research into the marketplace and to become successful I-Corps Teams. The site is a partnership among the ASU colleges and institutes, the technology transfer office and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, funded by the National Science Foundation.

This I-Corps Site combines resources, infrastructure and training to support teams across the four ASU campuses to advance technology concepts into the marketplace. It focuses on building the innovation capacity of ASU, while contributing to the regional and national economy through technology commercialization and the development of the next generation of innovators.

In addition, implementation of the site includes systematic evaluation of opportunities to adapt and augment the I-Corps model to promote the inclusion and recruitment of underrepresented populations. Specifically, ASU focuses on inclusion and recruitment of veteran, Latino and women participants in the program.


Join our upcoming ASU-NSF I-Corps™ Training Sessions 

Learn how to bring your research to the marketplace - Join our next ASU I-Corps Boot Camp
Registered innovators will go through ASU’s I-Corps training, which is an assumption/hypothesis-testing, customer-focused discovery process to gather important insights needed to maximize the impact of their innovations. High performing teams could be in a position to gain acceptance into the National I-Corps Program, which provides $50K+ grants for continued customer discovery efforts. Lunch will be provided to attendees.
Who: The NSF is requesting that a postdoctoral scholar, graduate student, staff member, or a lab affiliate take part in this training. This participant may be referred to as an Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) researcher within the I-Corps training offerings. The EL should have relevant knowledge of the technology, service or training and a deep commitment to investigating the commercial landscape surrounding the innovation. The EL is responsible for the overall management and reporting efforts on behalf of the research team. The EL should also be ready to support commercialization of the technology should the team make the decision to go-to-market following the training program.
When: Two 2-hour sessions within a two-week boot camp period.
Friday, October 4th, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Friday, October 11th 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center | 1475 N. Scottsdale Road; Scottsdale, AZ 85257; 241 Innovation
Cost: Free
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ASU I-Corps: Research Commercialization Program - Third Thursday Info Session
 All ASU faculty and graduate researchers are encouraged to attend. Dr. Brent Sebold, an ASU I-Corps co-PI, will facilitate the sessions.
What: Come and learn about ASU’s I-Corps program, including the history, context, and $2K customer discovery grant offerings.
When: The third Thursday of each month.
Where: The location will be shared with all registrants prior to the session.
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