ASU internet of things entrepreneurs create a wealth of smart stuff

What happens when you combine the opportunities created through “internet of things” technologies with Arizona State University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? You get a proliferation of internet of things devices that can improve our health, enhance our security and increase our overall well-being. The following are a sampling of smart technologies developed by ASU faculty and students.

ASU engineering students Kevin Hale and Grayson Allen wanted to design a product for pool gates to help secure pool areas and reduce drownings. This is critically important in Arizona, where child drownings occur at nearly twice the national rate.

The students launched Halen, a startup company, and developed GateSense, a technology that allows users to lock and unlock gates from anywhere through a mobile app or voice-activated speakers. In addition to pool gates, the product can be used on side gates, patio gates or RV gates. Users can also create schedules for when the gate should be locked and get notifications when there is activity. See full article here.

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