High-intensity exercise a stress buster for entrepreneurs, ASU study finds

Launching a business takes laser focus and gritty perseverance as entrepreneurs devote massive amounts of time to their ventures. It’s a lot of stress.

New research by an Arizona State University professor found that convincing entrepreneurs to devote time to exercising can result in lower stress levels for them.

Christopher Neck, an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship in the W. P. Carey School of Business, with two co-authors, surveyed 472 small-business owners on how much they exercised, what type of exercise they did, their stress levels and job satisfaction. They also asked about personality traits.

“At the big-picture level, it validates what we thought — rigorous and high-intensity exercise can reduce job stress and, in turn, increase job satisfaction,” Neck said.

“That’s a very important finding.”

In addition, the analysis, published in the Journal of Leadership and Management, found that entrepreneurs whose personalities are more “open” and “agreeable” find more stress-busting benefits from exercise, he said.

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