Omani delegation visits ASU

Omani delegation visits ASU

Minister of commerce, ambassador and other VIPs on campus to discuss entrepreneurship, circular economies and trade innovation.

A delegation of officials from the Sultanate of Oman visited Arizona State University this week for the 2018 SQCC ASU Omani Conference: Promoting Economic Development via Entrepreneurship and Innovation, an event organized by the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, the education arm of the Omani embassy in Washington, D.C.

Along with ASU officials and local business leaders, they discussed entrepreneurship, trade policies, circular economies and innovation in the global marketplace.

Arizona and Oman are both desert regions that are reworking their economies to move from the past to the future, according to the chief innovation officer at Arizona State University.

“We share weather and land, but most importantly, we share the aspiration to be better than ourselves,” said Sethuraman Panchanathan, the executive vice president of knowledge development at ASU.

He spoke at a conference called “Promoting Economic Development via Entrepreneurship and Innovation.” Several Omani economic-development officials spent three days visiting the Valley as part of the conference.

ASU was named the most innovative university in the nation for the fourth year in a row not because of one thing it does, but because it has an innovative mindset, Panchanathan said.

“Disruption through innovation is a methodology we constantly pursue,” he said, which makes ASU a vital partner in boosting the state’s economy by moving away from industries like mining and construction and toward technology and entrepreneurship.

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