Venture Devils startup, bioSyntagma, wins NSF grant

ASU Venture Devils team, bioSyntagma LLC, was awarded a $213,904 National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation (SBIR) grant to conduct research and development. bioSyntagma is a faculty-based Venture Devil startup that has developed the capability to extract single and multi-cells from a variety of sample types using a simple, and cost effective, microfluidic tissue chip, the LightStream FloCell.
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David Richardson, pictured above (far right), with his team at ASU SkySong
In discussions about the NSF grant Richardson said, “We are grateful for the recognition and support of the National Science Foundation of our efforts and potential of our technology. This funding will allow us to further develop our technology, the application of which has such profound implications in understanding the underlying causes across diverse disease states that have an enormous personal impact, and which are a heavy burden on our healthcare system and society.” For more information regarding bioSyntagma and their NSF grant, please review the press release here.

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