The Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute supports entrepreneurs for life. Resources are designed to develop the whole person, sharpening skills that empower them to do good while doing well, build a life while making a living and build products and offer services that bring value to society.

Training and development resources

Reading, videos and self-guided lessons to build your entrepreneurial mindset.

Funding resources

Funding opportunities to launch your idea or take your venture to the next level.

Find a space

Find a collaborative environment at ASU or elsewhere in the Phoenix metro area to keep your goals on track.

Training and development resources

Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship and hoping to learn more, or your business is up and running and you’re looking for specific tools, there’s something here for you—from reading materials and videos to self-guided lessons to build your entrepreneurial skillset.

Featured resources 

Venture development

We’ll dig into how your idea creates value, who your idea serves and how you can make your idea real.

What’s the problem?

Creating value and making an impact comes from solving a problem. But first, you’ll need to find and define the problem.

How can I optimize my pitch?

This module starts with a basic elevator pitch, adds depth and dimension, and shares prompts for expanding to a longer, formal pitch.

ASU funding resources

The question of where to find the money to fuel your ideas doesn’t need to keep you up at night. Edson E+I Institute can help match you to the right opportunity to get things going or take your dreams to the next level.

lady giving presentation to people

Venture Devils Demo Day

Top ASU-affiliated ventures deliver investor-style pitches as they compete for funding.

ASU Open Pitch

Pitch your idea, receive feedback and network with other ASU entrepreneurs.


Brings ASU-affiliated investors together with accredited investors.

New Venture Challenge

A course and competition for ASU graduate students and their co-founders to advance a new venture.

Find a space

Community breeds inspiration, and often the space you work in is a critical element of your creative process. Edson E+I hosts all kinds of collaborative environments at ASU and around the Phoenix metro area to help keep your mind active and your goals on track.


This co-working space with 1950s decor offers local entrepreneurs a venue for their ideas and innovation to thrive.

850 PBC

This collaborative work and event space in the heart of downtown Phoenix supports health-related ventures.

Fusion on First

This space connects students interested in the visual and performing arts to creative entrepreneurship opportunities.

Additional resources

Edson E+I is always developing new programs and resources designed to support our entrepreneurial community. We strive to be a trusted resource for entrepreneurs and innovators of all kinds, available to help open doors, answer questions and illuminate new pathways to discovery. We encourage you to keep an eye on this space for new developments!

They [Edson E+I] are a one-stop shop that makes me feel confident about what I need to do as an entrepreneur.

Jenavi Kasper Founder, La Jefa Status