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ASU Prepped: How, when to apply for free program to help small food businesses

Enter Prepped, a free program offered through Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Arizona State University. The goal is to give women and people of color access to business knowledge so they can take their food trucks, catering businesses and other small-scale companies to the next level.

The city of Phoenix is on the rise

“People voted to tax themselves to pay for the capital infrastructure for Arizona State University downtown,” Mayor Stanton said. “They knew they wanted the life and vibrancy that comes with having a great university campus.”

ASU climbs 8 spots in global patent ranking

ASU outpaced universities including Duke, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown and Dartmouth.


ASU team takes cyberbullying app public

ASU Now|
September 20, 2017

Vela's death is an extreme example of what can happen as a result of cyberbullying, but a 2016 paper co-authored by Yasin Silva, associate professor of computer science at Arizona State University, cites a statistic that more than half of adolescents have been bullied online.

Open Pitch brings "shark tank" style open mic night to Tempe campus

The State Press|
September 17, 2017

Throughout September, ASU students with entrepreneurial ideas have a chance to share their concepts and win a bit of money. In a Shark Tank meets open mic night style event, entrepreneurs from all of ASU's campuses looking to kickstart their ideas can take part in Open Pitch. 

ASU hosts entrepreneurship and innovation contest with $100K prize

The State Press|
September 11, 2017

For the second year, ASU will host an innovation contest with a grand prize of $100,000 for any college entrepreneur with enough savvy to impress a panel of business and tech experts. 

The ASU Innovation Open is a contest that partners with electronics distributor Avnet and others to showcase innovative entrepreneurs around the world.