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Our Team

Entrepreneurship + Innovation serves as the connecting and collaborating resource across ASU and the greater Phoenix community, as well as a national and international resource.

Entrepreneurial thinking is more than a skill. It's a mindset—one that manifests itself across all majors and programs at ASU.


Michelle Barker

Administrative Assistant

Faith Bone

Sr. Business Operations Manager

Elizabeth Cantú

Program Manager, Community Entrepreneurship

Gabriela Chacon

Program Manager, Virtual Learning & Engagement, Youth Entrepreneurship

Sheri Charles

Coordinator, Training and Development

Ji Mi Choi

Associate Vice President

Katherine Clemens

Director, Youth Entrepreneurship

Khadijah Crosby

Program Manager, Curriculum & Instruction, Youth Entrepreneurship

Lauren Dunning

Sr. Program Manager, Student Outreach and Engagement

Yolanda A. Facio

Director, Community Entrepreneurship

Bailey Gading

Program Coordinator, Student Outreach and Engagement

Roberto Garza

Sr. Accounting Assistant

Shawna Hudson

Program Manager, Youth Entrepreneurship

Amanda  Jordan

Program Coordinator, Resource and Innovation Solutions

Brett Kennedy

Sr. Program Coordinator, Youth Entrepreneurship

Tracy Lea

Assistant Director, Venture Development

Alejandro Lozano

Sr. Program Coordinator, Youth Entrepreneurship

Alicia Marseille

Director, Resource and Innovation Solutions RISN Incubator

Brittany Martin

Program Manager, Venture Development

Nicholas Matula

Sr. Program Coordinator, Youth Entrepreneurship

Chase Norris

Program Manager, Venture Development

Victoria Paulino

Administrative Assistant, Youth Entrepreneurship

Kimberly Reynolds

Sr. Education Specialist, Youth Entrepreneurship

Marissa Scragg

Program Manager, Risk Innovation Accelerator

Brent Sebold

Executive Director, Training and Development

Kristin Slice

Sr. Program Manager, Peoria Forward, Community Entrepreneurship

Michelle Stelter

Project Manager, Marketing and Communications

Samantha-Leigh Tessendorf

Sr. Facility Coordinator

Kylie Winn

Sr. Office Specialist, Youth Entrepreneurship

Affiliated Staff + Faculty

Viktor Brandtneris

I-Corps Facilitator

Jared Byrne

Associate Director

W.P. Carey Center for Entrepreneurship

Eli Chmouni


WPC Management

Aram Chomina-Chavez


Polytechnic School TEM Programs

Richard Filley

Admin Professional

Polytechnic School TEM Programs

Rick Hall

Program Director and Clinical Professor

Mark Henderson


Polytechnic School EGR Programs

Retha Hill

Professor of Practice for Journalism and Mass Communication


Carolyn Hirata


Polytechnic School TEM Programs

Charlie Lewis

SVP of Venture Development

Skysong Innovations, ASU Enterprise Partners

Michelle Lyons-Mayer

Assistant Director

Memorial Union

John Mitchell

Industry and Innovation Director

QESST Engineering Research Center

Eric Newton

Professor of Practice for Journalism and Mass Communication


Sidnee Peck

Faculty Associate

WPC Management

Venture Mentors