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ASU-Draper University Entrepreneurship Incubator Program

ASU-Draper University Entrepreneurship Incubator Program

The ASU-Draper Entrepreneurship Incubator Program is an intensive training and mentorship experience. This 12-week summer semester is geared toward helping individuals learn the technical, business, and leadership skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs.



Arizona State University has partnered with Draper University to create an immersive program where innovation thrives, featuring ASU faculty and curriculum, and Draper University’s Hero Training programming in San Mateo, California. You’ll gain the tools and knowledge to launch and grow your own startup, and turn powerful ideas into reality.

Our Alumni

Joseph Harding

Draper University completely immersed me in entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity to meet with many industry experts in an ecosystem filled with grit and a variety of diverse backgrounds. This program shaped my attitude and entrepreneurial mindset by going through the process of developing an idea into a product ready to pitch to venture capital investors.

- 2018 participant

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Business and Sustainability

Courteney Real

Deciding to participate in the Semester in Silicon Valley was the best choice I made in college. The program allowed me to expand my network, learn more about startups, and have dedicated time to work on my own business ideas. I am so thankful for the experience I had at Draper University. It truly changed my life.

- 2017 participant

Major: Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Management

Isaiah Yonas

This program could only force someone to progress. Everyone is encouraged to be better than they were yesterday and given amazing resources to do so.

- 2018 participant

Major: Interdisciplinary Students with a focus in Business and Communication

Discover Your True Potential

Do you have the passion, creativity and desire to change the world? Do you want to learn from executives at Tesla, Airbnb, UBER and Google? Do you want to be a more effective leader and discover your true skills?

  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Build your business and change the world.
  • Learn from world-renowned mentors and executives.
  • Earn credit towards a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from ASU.

Learn by Doing

Earn up to 12 credits toward a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.*

  • ENT305: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ENT360: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation
  • CIS394: Mobile and Web Programming
  • WPC494: DU: Immersive Entrepreneurial Experience

12 weeks | 3-12 credits

Summer 2019 program May 20 – August 9

May 20 – June 14: 4 weeks of classes in cohort on Tempe campus

June 16 – July 20: Draper University’s Hero Training Program

July 21 – August 9: ASU programming to include visits to Silicon Valley companies, connections with ASU alumni, networking in the Bay Area, and business development time.

Now accepting students for Summer 2019 on a space available basis. Request more information today!


Entrepreneurship Taught by Entrepreneurs

You'll learn from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startup experts in Silicon Valley, including speakers such as:


Bill Draper
Bill Draper

Venture Capitalist

Biz Stone
Biz Stone

CoFounder, Twitter

Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan

Entrepreneur, YouTube Star

Tony Hsleh
Tony Hsieh

CEO, Zappos

Tine Seelig
Tina Seelig

Executive Director, STVP

Aaron Levie
Aaron Levie

Founder, Box

Sabeen Ali
Sabeen Ali

Founder, AngelHack

Dave McClure
Dave McClure

Founder, 500 Startups


A New Classroom Experience

Curriculum Overview

Why is this venture important to you? What does the world look like when you are enormously successful? What problem are you solving? What specific products/services do you plan to build and deliver? What are your value and growth hypotheses and how are you planning to prove or disprove them with data?
Founding Team and Mentors
Do you have the appropriate engineering, creative and customer acquisition skills on your team to start building a successful venture? Have you landed a lead adviser? How is this person valuable to you, your team and your business?
Market Analysis
Who are your customers? What are the demographic and sociographic profiles of the people who will make the decision to buy? Where do they hang out? Is your market big enough to warrant moving forward? How do you know? Who are your competitors? Why is your product/service significantly better than the current solution out there?
Legal Structure
What are the different business entities and which one will you choose? How do you structure a founding team agreement? What is a trademark? What is a patent? How do you protect yourself and your business?
Conduct smartly designed and free (or low-cost) experiments to further validate what you've learned from surveys and interviews. Create a minimum viable product and test the market’s reaction.
Financial Structure
Put together a financial model and use it to smartly forecast your revenue and expenses. Are you building a business that can be profitable? Where is the initial startup capital coming from?
Finish building a functional product and deploy to your market. Launch a "Coming Soon" page to let your network know that your product is on the way. Have them sign up with basic contact info to get in the queue for your private beta. Identify key influencers in your queue that you should be talking to for upcoming marketing purposes.
Technology Training
Throughout the program you will be learning mobile app and web programming, and graphic branding design. All software licenses are provided by the program.


Program Fees

Program Fee
Includes all activities, field trips, guest speakers, and 8 weeks of living accommodations at Draper University in San Mateo, CA.*
ASU Tuition
ASU tuition will be assessed based on residency status and number of credit hours enrolled (between 3-12 credits)
* Housing is based on double occupancy dorm rooms. Single occupancy rooms are available for an additional fee.
** Tuition varies based on in-state, out of state or international residency status

Real Results

Join 780+ alumni who have launched their own startups, raised $220+M in venture funding, and have been featured in Forbes 30 under 30. They've joined accelerators like Techstars, 500 Startups, and YCombinator, and are funded by some of the most prestigious investors including Marc Andreessen, Tim Draper, and Marc Benioff.
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