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Venture Devils Demo Day - Fall 2017

The next Venture Devils Demo Day is scheduled for April 27th, 2018. 

The top 100 ASU-affiliated ventures in several categories will deliver investor-style pitches as they compete for over $250K in funding and support. All community supporters are invited to attend and watch afternoon pitches as their schedules allow. All founders, mentors, and community supporters are also invited to attend the Funding + Awards Ceremony to network, cheer, and celebrate Entrepreneurship + Innovation at ASU. Visit links.asu.edu/GoVentureDevils to learn more about the program.

December 1st, 2017 Schedule
1 PM - 5 PM  Venture Pitches
5 PM - 8 PM  Awards Ceremony                

  Room Locations:
  201 Global 241 Innovation 249 Imagination 301 Ingenuity  349 Discovery  365 Alliance
1:00 PM Hoolest Performance Technologies S Aquaponos E Me ToyUP S i-lu.com Startup Mill Welcome
1:15 PM Vibration Cane LiteraSeed AirGarage S Hygiea S Break Gemneo Bioscience
1:30 PM Billibars E 33 Buckets Illusions Software Max on Snax Hybrid 500 S Fulton Schools Welcome
1:45 PM Dorm Docks LLC S 3nuf86 Svelar HGU Apparel's Pro-C Skate Deck S DrainFunnel


2:00 PM Break

Studio Biotherapeutics

2:15 PM Fellman Watch Co.E  Fearless Transformation Drone Aviator Muesliikon Salestream


2:30 PM Break Garden of Eden Partout Reim Entertainment Humanity X Technologies S Aural Analytics
2:45 PM Pursuit Health E SmartME SpotSense Halen E Break Faculty-led Startup Discussion
3:00 PM Knosis Health COMPASS for Courage E Beeline JustForMe S PlayableMedia Break
3:15 PM The Badger Crew WhyPedal Criteryon Data Group ArmsReach Industries E Charity Auction Trades

Curio E

3:30 PM Break

Applied CFD Technologies S

3:45 PM Break Maternasense S Embrace Your Face Break Waandr

Vapometry Biolabs

4:00 PM Speedy Castillo S Joy & Life Project BRAVO Original Snap-In Paint Tray smart-sort


4:15 PM Muzzlesafe Frenzi Fromahome Addifex StreamWork


4:30 PM Power House Foods Urban Farm Organics E  Livestock Analytics HealthyBoil SellAway


4:45 PM Trestle Automation GABBYai.com CyNet, LLC Zamtox Maintenance Automation

E - Edson Student Entrepreneur Recipients  S - eSeed Challenge Recipients

Here is a comprehensive list of all Venture Devils - Search "DD17" for the list of Demo Day finalists

Demo Day Awards Ceremony Schedule

5:30 PM


5:45 PM

Venture Devils - Spotlight Pitches

6:00 PM

    Keith Ryu
    Founder, Fountain

6:15 PM

Funding Track Check Presentations

7:00 PM Reception


Catering and refreshments provided by ASU Prepped Participants: