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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea that I’d like to take to the next level. Who can help me?

Please submit your idea here.

How do I find a mentor?

The ASU Mentor Network supports student, faculty and community entrepreneurs. To receive access to a mentor, please visit our mentor page to learn about the three levels of mentorship available depending on the stage of your idea or venture; Entrepreneurship Catalysts, Entrepreneurship Experts, and Venture Mentors.

How do I get funding for my venture?

From ASU-championed initiatives to external funding opportunities like elevator pitch contests and startup competitions, we can help you find seed money and other funding options. Some competitions are exclusively for ASU students, while others are open to anyone. Find the list of competitions here.

What events are upcoming?

Click here to access upcoming events.

I am interested in leasing office space. Can I get a tour of SkySong?

In contrast to traditional incubator spaces or larger technology parks, SkySong is a mixed-use development and can serve the needs of companies at any stage of development. We’d be happy to schedule a tour to show you our space. Click here for a list of the current SkySong Affiliate partners.

How do I rent space at SkySong? Host an event?

For more information on renting space or hosting an event at SkySong, please visit their Meeting and Events page.

How do I reserve a room at ASU Chandler Innovation Center (ACIC)?

To reserve space at ACIC, please fill out the this form.

How do I get a TechShop membership?

For information regarding a complimentary membership, visit the TechShop page or contact Annalisa Regalado. Please provide your ASU ID# and ASU email when requesting a membership.

How do I apply to the Edson program? What is the deadline?

The Edson Program is open to new or existing startup teams that have at least one current ASU student as a key founder, enrolled in at least one credit hour at the time of the application deadline. Edson is open to all ASU students, including undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and part-time students.