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Modern Craft - Podcasting - Community Jam

Date: October 21, 2018 - 9:00am to 5:00am
Location: K'é Main Street Learning Lab

Podcasting is the hot new thing in media.

And it is not hard to understand why.

Audio lends an intimate, accessible peek into your body of work. Your show streams into the earbuds of listeners on long walks around the world. It fills up cars stuck in traffic. It brings world-renowned experts into your living room, where you can listen to them as if they were on the couch next to you.

With more and more people listening to podcasts to educate and entertain themselves, the number of opportunities for coaches, creatives and consultants to be heard and discovered through audio are booming.

(Not often told story: It was Pam's podcast that landed her first book deal for Escape from Cubicle Nation. Her editor from Penguin Portfolio confessed in an email "I listen to your podcast while riding the train into my office. I love your work. Want to do a book with us?" The answer, as you know, was a resounding YES!)

And yet so many podcast formats are stale and uninspiring. (Interview Internet famous person! Ask them the biggest lesson they learned about entrepreneurship! Riff on random topics with no particular point! Have wobbly audio from poor Skype connections!)

For this reason, plotting and designing on Zoom for months from Mesa, Arizona and Norwich, Norfolk in the UK, Pamela Slim and Rob Lawrence have created a truly unique in-person experience that blends decades of business consulting expertise (Pam and Rob share this) with decades of audio engineering expertise (Rob owns this).

During these 3 days we explore how and why podcasts, and audio, can be used to rally new communities of like-minded people together. Why podcasts are a powerful marketing tool and how audio can help those interested to create or reach new audiences whilst raising their professional profile and credibility through their story, expertise and message. And why sharing stories is an essential, powerful part of equity and community building. (Click HERE to learn more!

Day One is FREE!
Days Two and Three are fee-based but not required.